Size Queen Phone Sex SPH Mistress

I’m a firm believer that bigger is nearly always better. A gorgeous woman like me, deserves a big fat monster cock. Is that something you possess? Check your pants right now, shrimp dick. How does it measure up to my dildo? That’s right. Look it up and down then look at that underwhelming thing in your boxers. The only thing you’ll be good for us size queen phone sex SPH.

size queen phone sex sph

By now you should know that SPH is small penis humiliation. Come on, you have a small cock so get with the picture, loser. You don’t have enough to please me and you are going to hear about your shortcomings while I please a man with a bigger cock or use one of my fantastically large dildos. Are you jealous or turned on? You know you’ll never be able to properly fill my cunt like I need. You know you’re less of a man and more of a girl. I mean, your penis even looks like a clit. So small cock humiliation and size queen phone sex is all I have in store for you.

Maybe I’ll even decide to cuckold you if you’re worth it. You should see how a real sexy stud pounds my sweet snatch. In so many ways, he’s stronger than you. A better man than you. He’s a real man with such a long, thick cock. You won’t be able to look away when he starts grabbing and groping me. I’m sorry you’re so useless, but not as sorry as you’re going to be when you see a real man take me in all the ways you only dream of being able to.

I’m a size queen phone sex Mistress who will show you your place in this world. Underneath me, licking the drippings from my hot freshly fucked pussy. Slurp all of that wetness up you little dicked loser.

Ass Fetish Phone Sex Redhead

Lucky for you, I’m a bratty domme with a stellar ass. I know you’re interested in having your face buried all up in between my big round bottom. I like that about you. You know your place. *giggles* So on your knees for some of the kinkiest and dirtiest ass fetish phone sex with a redhead vixen.
ass fetish phone sex redhead
The truth is, I’ve always been a bit of a brat. I’m hot, curvy and bossy. I know how to keep men wrapped around my finger. I giggle and playfully humiliate all of them. I adore facesitting and think it’s a great way to get an idea of your slave’s skills. More Mistresses should use their slaves like furniture. I mean what better tool is there to remind a man that his place is beneath a girl? I can’t tell you how many better grades I’ve gotten in college simply because I noticed my professor had a thing for hot young asses and then unleashed the power of ass fetish phone sex on him!
My sweet cunt and ass juices are going to look amazing all over your face. With your face drenched, you’ll beg me to stroke your cock and I’ll decide what you are going to do with that cock and when. I’m in charge here. You may call me Princess Cindy, your redheaded booty worship Princess. In fact, I love having my asshole rimmed so much, it’s added to my regular kink routine. Even if the guy I’m dating isn’t aware he’s being dominated and controlled yet, I still get what I want in the sweetest of ways. Some foolish men need more seducing before they truly believe they are ass fetish phone sex slaves. I mean if you just like big round asses in yoga pants, I’m confident I can turn you into a shit-hole licking and rimjob slut. My tight rosebud only becomes more delicious with ass fetish phone sex, so dial me up and press your face all up in my juicy booty!

Male Degradation Phone Sex

I’m a vicious bitch with a mouth like a chainsaw. I’ll cut all you dumb mother fuckers down with male degradation phone sex. I’m most likely¬† the meanest, terrorizing, Hellish female you’ve ever met. Let’s be honest, I’m absolutely a man-hater. You’re all horny garbage bins that have limited uses. It’s important that you make me laugh. Denying that you’re a humiliation whore when you’re talking to me means you have a death wish.

male degradation phone sex

So come pay me to be mean to you. You know it makes your cock stiff. I’m a challenging, wild, alpha female that will tell you exactly like it is. That you’re a pathetic loser who needs to pay for male degradation phone sex. All I have to do is tell you the truth and that’s easy for me. It comes naturally to a woman like me. Stomping all over pathetic little losers who can’t keep from masturbating their useless cocks excites me.

It’s a wonder women even keep men around. I think if we all banded together and shipped all the men off to some sort of factory farm where we only used them for their sperm. That’s it, attach them all to some sperm milking machine. Play them porn, treat them poorly, and slaughter them when their nut becomes weak. Men make fine slaves for male degradation phone sex, but that’s about it.

Verbally abusing you and using you with male degradation phone sex is the only way a short dicked wimp like you could ever please me. Might as well accept it and start pulling on your tiny pud while I laugh. You’re just a played out joke, so call me and tell me your weaknesses so that I may find some amusement with the inferior sex. I can even feign like I’m enjoying myself if that’s your deal. I know I’m not interested in men other than for humiliation and male degradation phone sex, so I’ll put you to work as my personal little emotional abuse slut. That’s my favorite kind of pain slut.

Oh please, I’ll never allow to you fuck me, so stop drooling over my divine cunt.

Lipstick Fetish Phone Sex

Hello to all you freaks and horny men, I’m Mistress Roxie. I’m experienced in all manners of fetishism. In fact, I’m the hottest fetishist around this kinky realm and enjoy a wide variety of fun fetishes, but today we’re going to discuss my red lipstick fetish phone sex. And by the time you’re finished, you’ll be so mesmerized by my vermilion lips that you’ll be willing to do anything to keep your Mistress pleased.
lipstick fetish phone sex

I get such great pleasure in entertaining all manners of fetishes for my slave pets. It truly is delightful bringing a man to his knees just by the shade of my lipstick. I have a variety of colors, even though I enjoy a wide variety of ruby red shades the most. Lipstick fetish phone sex with me, means I’ll allow you to choose which shade will make you weakest, and then I’ll put it on right in front of you.

Watch me in the mirror as I unsheath this golden tube and glide it on my luscious lips because you know you just can’t keep your eyes off me. Maybe I want to reward you with crimson lipstick prints all over your body if you behave in a manner that pleases me. If you do what you’re told, you’re given a reward. It’s the positive reinforcement system used for all proper pet training. You want to be a good lipstick fetish phone sex pet, don’t you?

It’s always kind to tell me about other fetishes you have as well. I want to spin your desires in such a way that has you so completely and utterly addicted to me. I’m a lovely story teller with an extremely pleasant voice… now image that with my perfect Mistress body for you to adore. From leather to medical and more. So come tell me all your deviant desires and some of the sweeter ones, too. I’m a multifaceted fetish Mistress who will definitely take pleasure in owning you.

Succubus Phone Sex Mistress

If you’ve been dreaming of me, there’s no need to wonder why. I love slipping into your mind and conquering it. Sweet but sinister whispers that tantalize you in the most wicked of ways. If you’ve ever wondered if succubi were real, now’s your chance to find out with succubus phone sex.
Succubus Phone Sex
I’m the kind of cruel temperamental Mistress who enjoys seducing and exploiting the weaknesses of lesser humans. I’m talking about men here. Although, I am quite bisexual and enjoy feeding off of luscious ladies. No one is exempt from my seductive torment. So what exactly is succubus phone sex? Well, you know that succubi are demons in an extremely seductive female form that prey on men. Especially in their dreams. Or as I like to call it, giving you a wet nightmare.
Even when we speak, you’ll often wonder if you’re dreaming… or if you’re even really awake. It’s like a hypnotic state that you can’t escape. Over time you’ll have less and less desire to leave my grasp as well. I enjoy hearing about your fantasies and convincing you to confess all of your filthy secrets to me. You need a demonic seductress to tempt you. To tease you. To please you in ways no other woman has. You’ll want to, too. If not, I’ll climb on into your mind while you’re sleeping and pluck out all the tasty tidbits so that I may feast.
I’ll always want more with succubus phone sex. You should know that by now. My appetite is insatiable. I’ll want your absolute and utter devotion until I’m using you as my personal fuck puppet. Spoil me with acts of servitude, buy me material items, and beguile me with monetary tributes. Feed me your lust and you’ll feel more fulfilled. That is why you’re wandering around aimlessly, a succubus phone sex Mistress just needs to siphon your soul. To give you purpose.
You’re new meaning to life, is feeding a deviant dark demon. I’ll drag you all the way down kicking and screaming if I have to, just so I can stand atop of¬† you. Like some far away land I’ve just conquered. “To what end?” You’ll plead.

I’ll answer it for you, weakling. Until I have everything. Until your demise. Until your ruination.

Until I’ve stomped on your heart, drained your bank account, and left you an empty husk of a human.

Succubus phone sex is the sweetest torment. You’ll find me addicting, enticing, and so very wicked.
Don’t be too frightened, weakling. Your cock will be hard the whole time and it will be the sweetest, exhilarating, ride all the way down to total domination and ruin. You’ll feel excited and tormented the whole time I’m using and abusing you.

Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex Witch

Greetings minions. I am your deviant witch of a Mistress, Rain and I come from a very long line of otherworldly powerful women. You’ll be delighted to find out that I adore religious blasphemy phone sex. So grab your stiffening cock and give me a call as I shift you into a world filled with the occult and other blasphemous bliss.

religious blasphemy phone sex

Allow me to use my gift for cleromancy and roll the bones to tell your kinky future. Exactly like the sexiest necromancer you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Oh, how I love men who are attracted to dark and powerful women. You’re just like a lost little moth searching for a bright flickering flame. Don’t worry, with my religious blasphemy phone sex, you won’t need to travel any longer. I love casting spells on my pets and sucking them into my wicked web even further. You’ll feel His true power through me and be reborn exactly how I wish you to be. If I will it, it will be done.

What wicked fetishes and kinks do you have in mind now? Confess to me all your naughty secrets and you shall be rewarded handsomely with my affection, praise, and delight. I’m so sure you’ll become addicted to religious blasphemy phone sex fetish talk, that you won’t have to look any further. I’m here to cast spells on you, drive you in deeper and darker than ever before. Far beyond the usual, blasphemous speak. For I am truly one of a kind. My dark and sinister Lord courses through my veins. He’s in every breath I take and every word I speak.

I’ll having you wondering, “How can such a beautiful seemingly innocent looking woman, be so down right depraved and deviant?” Oh, and I just know you’ll love every second of it. It doesn’t matter how far down this depraved rabbit hole we go. You’ll always want more from your Dark Mistress Rain. Even if I am speaking on tongues, if he possesses me to do so. You’ll ache and twitch and never want anything else but my sinister connection to the dark lord, Satan himself.

Facesitting Ass Worship Phone Sex

I caught you staring at my big, round, juicy booty. Now you’re going to pay for looking without asking permission. I know, you’re just stranger, but you should be careful about your perverted male gaze. You’re lucky I know you need facesitting phone sex ass worship. Your face is going to buried below my delicious cunt and exquisite ass. I don’t care if it’s tough for you to breathe pervert. Drown in my juices.
facesitting ass worship phone sex
An aggressive alpha female knows exactly what to do you with you filthy fucking perverts. I want to walk all over you, but I think forcing you to worship my body is a far better idea right now. Go ahead, worship this Evil Queen properly by praying into my hot ass during facesitting ass worship phone sex. There’s no escape. I control and own you now and you love it. Just admit it, you love being used. Feeling me grind back and forth while you attempt to stuff your tongue deep into my asshole, it has to make that cock twitch.
Your cock makes you weak. That’s right, I could ride your fucking face for hours. At least I don’t have to fucking look at you, worm. Treat your new facesitting ass worship phone sex Goddess like royalty. It’s exciting to think of all my heavenly juices coating your entire face. When I climb off your face and force you to jerk off on in front of me, I’ll compliment myself on the masterpiece I’ve created out of your face.
Oh, so now you want to cum? You’re going to have to beg for it, jerk off boy. Maybe I’ll even make you beg me to put my perfect bottom back on your face again for more facesitting ass worship phone sex. That’s right, you’re my filthy little butt muncher now and you know I’m going to humiliate you the whole time I’m dominating you.

Toilet Phone Sex Mistress

Hello all you eager fuck-wads, it’s Mistress Kora. Your elitist, cock control queen. I’m ready to take you down a dark route into my dungeon’s bathroom with toilet phone sex. You won’t be able to do anything but serve with your mouth. That’s right. I want you to be my personal urinal. I never want to have to sit on a cold toilet seat ever again with you around. I won’t have to, will I? Hmm.

toilet phone sex mistress
Oh, don’t act like you’ve never wondered about how a beautiful woman’s piss might taste like. You know you’ve thought about it. I’m going to make sure you confess all your filthy little fucked up bathroom secrets to me. You’ll be mine to use, degrade, abuse and then discard If I see fit. There’s something so beautiful about using a male slave in such a dirty manner. I’m going to use your tongue just like toilet paper, so you might as well get used to it with toilet phone sex.

In fact, you’re going to worship my entire body with your tongue. My cunt, my ass… feet and legs. You’ll do it all and be so very eager. If I decide to use you as my fuck rag cum dumpster, you’ll eat up all my juicy cream pies, too. There’s no escape. You’re here for me for an amount of time, so you might as well embrace the fact that I’m going to use you for whatever I deem you good for.

You wouldn’t want the divine drippings from any of my holes to go to waste, would you? That’s right bathroom bitch boy, clean every inch of me, you toilet phone sex whore. I am your controlling Mistress. And I enjoy humiliating you in the most special of ways. You have to be willing to do more for me than any other little slave fuck toy ever has before. Slurp it all up, bathroom whore and then I’ll think of giving you a reward.

Call and ask for Kora to receive proper use.

Sissy Fag Training Phone Sex with BBC

sissy fag training phone sex bbc
What a great weekend. My ex boyfriend called me on Thursday and asked if we could meet up. I told him he had to wear an old pink thong that I left at his place, along with jeans and a small t-shirt. He complained at first, but I told him that would be the only way he would get to see me was with sissy fag training phone sex.

We met at my favorite sushi place. When we got there I purposefully requested we sit at the sushi bar. His panties rode up on him and the whale tail was exposed over his jeans. I loved noticing the looks of other customers when they passed by. Every time someone noticed I would tell him, “There’s another person that knows you’re a sissy.” His discomfort was very hot.

At one point he asked if I would consider fucking him again and I said, “Sure, but I didn’t really tell him what it was more along the lines of sissy fag training phone sex with big black cock. I let him take me back to his place, where he fed me drinks until I was drunk enough to be as mean as I wanted.

I then told him to strip out of his boring man clothing and stand in front of me. He did it, but couldn’t make eye contact with me. I asked him if he was ready to fuck in his panties and he told me he couldn’t get hard like that. So I made him sit next to me on the couch and watch some BBC porn. As we did so, the sight of those huge black dicks made me really horny. “Your cock doesn’t compare to those real man dicks, you know that?” I asked him. He responded slowly that he knew. I had him sit on the fat end of the couch and told him that in his panties he was more woman than man and that because of this, he needed to start masturbating like a sissified girl. He rubbed his cock over the panties for 20 minutes while I told him about the black cocks I had fucked. I even told him about Sean, the black guy I had over while we were dating, and how he had fucked me bareback 20 minutes before my ex had got home on his birthday. He had no idea that he was already my personal sissy fag training phone sex cuckold. I told him that he had 10 minutes to get fully hard watching black cock videos, and if he could, I would fuck him. It was so much fun to watch him struggle. Every time he would look at my body or away from the screen, I would force him to look back at those black cocks. As we’re getting close to the twenty minutes and he was sweating, I told him it was okay. I would fuck him anyway.

He looked so relieved, I felt giddy with excitement.

He started to take his panties off and I was like, “Oh no, that’s not how this relationship works anymore. Get on your back, you fucking pussy.” He almost left but I reminded him how badly he wanted to eat my pussy and suck on my breasts. He laid back on the couch with a huff ready to become my sissy fag training phone sex bitch.

Since you were really always useless, I tell him, “We’re gonna do a new kind of fucking. We’re gonna do something where my happiness doesn’t depend on his ability to stay hard or have any fucking stamina. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy with my cock.” This is the only way he can have any contact with me. I could see he thought about it for a second but then said “Okay” very quietly.

He got on his back and spread his legs. I put two fingers into his mouth and told him to suck on them like they were a cock. As he sucked on my index and middle finger, I told him that this was just the beginning of his forced feminization and cock sucking training. If he wanted to be with me, we were going to start off in this new relationship. He would be my sissy pussy slave and I would be his black cock pimp. And we were starting his training now. With that, I took my 2 fingers out of his mouth and said, “Now beg me to finger you.” He started with a boring, “Please finger me.” Then moved to a “finger my sissy hole,” but I teased him until he finally said, “please stretch out my pussy so I can serve cock for you.” I teased it for a bit until I could feel him bucking his hips, trying to take my fingers inside. As I entered, I asked him if he knew what our next steps were. “Am I going to have to suck cock?” He asked. “Among many other things, yes you are, you horrible slut.” I fingered him for 40 minutes, telling him about the various men I knew in town who would soon be his masters, telling him about their cock sizes and how they fucked me better than he ever did. I held up my phone and showed him Sean’s big, black, uncircumcised dick in some pics and videos we had taken during my ex’s birthday weekend. “I’m going to make you Sean’s girlfriend now. Do you understand?” He was so horny and out of control that he agreed to be a forced sissy fag phone sex bitch boi. “Whore me out to him, please”, my ex begged. He was ready to blow and fucking my finger like it was already a real cock. “Does my little faggot want a release?” I asked him. “Only through anal.” That’s the only way you get to cum now. Do you understand?” He was sweating and bucking his hips up and down on my finger. I was already thinking about the next steps. To be fair, I did touch his cock a little when he was close. He came (not a lot) in big shudders and grinded on my finger. It was buried all the was inside his pussy. With my left hand I caught the jizz spilling out his cock and smeared it all over his face like my personal little facial faggot fuck rag.

“Okay, slave. Fun time is over. Drive home just like that and send me a thank you face time call when you get home. If your not still covered in your drying jizz, don’t call me ever again.”

“Yes, daddy,” he said, hurriedly adjusting his panties and running out the door. I knew he would call when he got home.

Humiliation Phone Sex Goddess Janelle

Hey loser masturbator. It’s me your meanest Queen, Janelle. In fact, “Mean Queen Janelle” is a fine title for blonde haired and blue eyed perfection. You’re just a miserable little jerk-off boy without a purpose. My humiliation phone sex will give you a purpose. You’ll be my amusement. I’m wicked and verbally abusive, but it still makes your cock hard.

humiliation phone sex blonde goddess
It doesn’t really matter what you’re in the mood to be degraded for. I love it all. SPH, race, age, spousal, height, religion. You’re all inferior and I’ll find away to exploit your weakness or insecurities. Think you’re ready to be my punching bag? I can remember the very first time a blonde Goddess like me encountered a little dick loser.
He took me out for a shitty dinner date and rambled on about his dietary restrictions. Like I give a fraction of a fuck. Part of me wanted to stuff a little bit of whatever he was allergic to into his face and watched what happened like some evil scientist in a laboratory. Oh, how wicked humiliation phone sex can really become with me. I noticed there wasn’t much to the bulge in his pants and that should’ve been really telling… I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had some magical growth ability that would be glorious to watch.
When we got back to his car, I started kissing him and rubbing his crotch. I felt a little something getting hard and grabbed for it. Look at me. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a cock stiff. I do it all the time with just a flip of my hair, smile or the sway of my hips.
What a pussy. I unzipped his pants and reached inside. Once I felt his tiny penis in my grasp I released it, laughed and hit the overhead light. It was all I could do to keep from snorting. It was so fucking small. This SPH humiliation phone sex loser was not even good for a fuck!
I laughed at him, took a picture with my phone before requesting an Uber.

Goodbye, loser. You’re useless and can never properly fuck a woman.