Forced Intoxication Phone Sex Party

forced intoxication party

We all know when you let loose and decide to party on the weekend, or the extended weekend you’ll need some extra nasty, fetish driven, taboo talk surrounding your forced intoxication phone sex domination fantasies. I’m just the mean Queen to give it to you…. So go ahead, imbibe, inhale, sniff, snort, rip – whatever it may be, you’re about to buy the ticket and I’m about to take the ride with you.

I love taking advantage of you and pushing you to go further than you’ve gone before. What sort of fucked up fantasies do you have in mind? What sort of party favors are we playing with? I’m wondering what your poison is, fuck toy? Something that’s going to make you go pop, the gay juice, the fucked up party drugs that truly make your most darkest of desires blossom into full-blown fetishes.

Party favors, porn, me, and taboo forced intoxication phone sex are what you need. Let’s make sure to get this fuck fest going in the right direction. So let me be clear: party, queue up the porn I tell you to, and then dial my number. Allow Mistress Janelle to take control a/nd you into my forced intoxication phone sex fuck puppet. If I am not available check out the other forced intoxication phone sex mistresses on the available page.

It’s quite simple really, because you know you want to go all the way down that rabbit hole you’re currently spiraling down, but you need supervision. I’m the one to provide that sweet supervision and guide you to absolute ecstasy.