Racial Humiliation Phone Sex with Aryan Mistress

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Sex is complicated sometimes, but many enjoy at least a modest amount of pain mixed in with all that pleasure. Have you ever entertained the idea of race play or racial humiliation phone sex for some extra fun in the bedroom? If you find the idea of racially themed fantasies sexy, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’re all products of society. Sure, it’s taboo but many kinks are controversial – all the fun ones are anyway. I find that race play can be quite thrilling for both parties. As long as it’s between two consenting adults, what’s the harm in exploring? And if you know me, you know that I like delivering explosive orgasms while talking about some truly taboo topics. I’m just the sinful siren to play the role of an evil and entitled white bitch.

racial humiliation phone sex race play with white aryan mistress
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
Just like the ones we used to know
Where all the tree tops glisten
And all the slaves listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow, oh, the snow

When you look at me, you see pristine white superiority don’t you? So yes, a bright white Christmas is exactly what we need! You don’t have to be shy about your secret desires for racial humiliation phone sex. Look at my pale skin, blue-green eyes, and blonde hair and tell me it doesn’t make you keenly aware of your own inferiority. Exactly. I look just like the perfect Aryan mistress of the white master race, don’t I? It’s only natural to want to submit to me. It should not surprise you that race play is also exciting to me too. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It adds a very enticing power dynamic to my control over you that I find electrifying. Is it too humiliating to admit that you desire an evil member of the superior white race to control and humiliate you with race play? You’ve just stumbled across a playful and privileged white bitch to drop to your knees before.

As your race play Aryan Goddess, I would be happy to remind you what’s right about being white during racial humiliation phone sex.

As your race play Aryan Goddess I would be happy to remind you what’s right about being white during racial humiliation phone sex. It’s not your fault your own inferiority is written all over you. Some of us are pure and others are unclean. I think it’s time to ask yourself what kind of racial humiliation phone sex and race play you are looking for. Would you prefer your white Dominatrix was soft and seductive with her racist remarks? Or would you prefer she be loud and proud while rubbing your nose in it? The choice is yours – no matter what way we slice it, you’ll be weak for me. It’s too much to resist the powerful allure of white women – too much to resist pristine milky skin, bright eyes, and perfect pink pussies. Don’t you want me to own you?

I’m not shy about speaking some very hard truths to you. In fact, there are things I will say on the phone that I can’t list here. It would serve you well not to struggle and just practice a little acceptance. Allow me to remind you where you belong: beneath your superior white Goddess. If you want to be my filthy and lesser slave, I know exactly what to do with you during racial humiliation phone sex call. I’ll enjoy hearing your whimpers and desperate moans of pleasure while I put you back in your place. Admit it – you want to know what it would be like to explore the more taboo side of humiliation with a snow white Mistress. All you have to do is dial the number above and ask for Janelle.

Happy Holidays!

Interracial Phone Sex Monster BBC

interracial phone sex latina

After a breakup most girls need a change. Some alter their hair style. Others splurge on an expensive new handbag. Many treat themselves to a fancy dinners. A little retail therapy goes a long way. These are all lovely ideas after a break up but it’s missing one very important element: To get over a man, you have to get under another. I like to get under an entirely different kind of man with interracial phone sex. No more white wimps with tiny pink dicks for me. I needed something different; A Latin Lover or a Black Bull.

Oh yes, after my breakup I desperately wanted a change and I went after it. In order to have the best possible post-break up sex, I knew I wanted all of the things that women normally want after exiting a boring relationship. First I got on a dating app with lots of sexy interracial phone sex studs in my area. I swiped like a mad woman on all the muscular hotties. I super swiped the ones that had visible cock bulges. Yum! Then I went to the hair salon and got a cute new style. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the spa getting a fresh manicure, facial, and bikini wax. Then I met my girlfriends for sushi and went on a shopping spree. 

My best friends were excitedly helping me pick out the sexiest lingerie for my interracial phone sex rebound…

My best friends were excitedly helping me pick out the sexiest lingerie for my interracial phone sex rebound when it happened. Oh my… I matched with this gorgeous black GOD of a man. He was tall, with a perfect smile and a very muscular build. I knew that this was the man to help me get over my ex. We chatted for a little bit and I swooned. He was already sexier, funnier, and more charming than my bland ex. I knew that this new interracial phone sex guy was the man I wanted to be the sexiest little slut for. 

I told him that I was just getting out of a relationship and that I hadn’t been properly fucked in over a year. He needed to know that my wimp of an ex was absolute trash in the bedroom and that if he wanted to use my hot under-sexed body, he could. I desperately needed to be fucked by a man that knew how to handle a slut so I sexted him a photo of my tits in the lingerie right from the fitting room! He responded with “Don’t worry, baby girl. I will handle you if you can handle this…” Then a photo of his stiffening cock in his black boxer briefs came through. It was HUGE! In that moment both my mouth and my pussy were drooling. I knew that I needed to get this lingerie off me before I ruined it for later! I invited my interracial phone sex match over to my place that evening. Then I hurried home to get ready to put on that very same sexy red lingerie. 

I opened and there he was looking even more perfect than in his photos. I stared at him in my black lingerie in awe for a brief moment.

I nervously reapplied my red lipstick for the hundredth time. Then I began puttering about in my high heels when there was a knock at the door. I opened and there he was looking even more perfect than in his photos. I stared at him in my black lingerie in awe for a brief moment. Then I welcomed him inside and shut the door. He looked me up and down and smiled before hooking his hand around my waist and pulling me up against his already hard cock. I kissed him while he mauled my tits. Squeezing them and inspecting them. Yes, this is exactly what I needed….

It had been a year wasted with my wimpy white ex. A whole year of being deprived of quality sex. My mouth was desperate to suck his big black cock and I needed him now! I lifted up his shirt and kissed down his muscular chest as I dropped to my knees. I smiled and used my tongue to trace trails through the muscles in his six pack. Moaning softly between kisses and licks. When I got to the waist band of his pants, his huge cock was practically ready to burst the button off. I caressed his monster bbc cock through his pants and carefully unzipped. My eyes widened and he smiled smugly. Now this was the kind of cocky man I loved. A man that delivers. A real man. It felt like I had delicately unwrapped a present to release a monster. And that’s exactly what it was: a monster bbc. A gorgeous eleven inch masterpiece of a black cock complete with a fat mushroom head and delicious veins.

What would happen if I FaceTimed my ex boyfriend so he could watch me with my new black lover? It would be such a turn on to humiliate him like this! Call me for all kinds of interracial phone sex talk. 

Cuckold Phone Sex Humiliation

When someone calls with that certain quiver in his voice, I know exactly what he wants to talk about. It’s getting more and more common, so don’t worry that it’s just you. The inadequacy that leads to cuckold phone sex humiliation, isn’t your special secret unique burden to bear. The evidence is all around us, clearer than ever: Some men have what it takes to please women, and the rest don’t. And you’ve started to figure out which category you belong in. And you need to talk about it.

You can’t talk to your friends about cuckold phone sex. That’s just impossibly embarrassing.

And you can’t talk to your wife or girlfriend, because you already know one of two things is going to happen: Either she tells you not to be silly, not to worry, she loves making love with you … but you won’t really believe her … or she does tell you that actually, yes, you leave something to be desired. And you know what? That’s what you really want, you want her to tell you that she’s wanting, because then everything will be perfectly clear and understood. But it’s too frightening! It’s too real. I understand. You can talk to me about cuckold phone sex humiliation instead.

I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll tell you truths she’d never tell you. It’s easy for me to figure out exactly who you are, and let me tell you right now who you aren’t: a man. A real man. A man who can please a woman, who can keep a woman, who can make a woman want to please him in return. That’s not you. It never was, it never will be, and the sooner you accept that the happier everyone will be.

It’s really a public service I’m providing. You’ll be happier once you accept your limitations and stop letting unrealistic ideas pollute your relationships. And every woman you talk to will be happier once you stop thinking you can offer them something you absolutely cannot. Once you start talking to me everything will become clear. You’re meant for a life of cuckold phone sex stories and that’s it. I can tell you exactly what women need to please them, and I can tell you all about the qualities that real men have. And you’ll completely understand that I’m describing something you aren’t, never were, never could be. You’re something else. It’s not your fault. Just let me help you understand.