Teacher Student Phone Sex

You might think I’m focused on my notes when I’m giving a teacher student phone sex lecture, but I’ve taught this class a dozen times and I can recite the whole semester while juggling. You might think I’m concentrating on leading a discussion about the reading, but my mind – and my eye – are on other things. I’m studying the talent in the room. Do you think you might have what it take to be a promising, up-and-coming young scholar?

teacher student phone sex

There’s just something so refreshing about taking a handsome young man and wrapping him around my finger while I wrap my legs around his hips and hold him tight. Every semester brings a new crop of potential recruits, and I take my teacher student phone sex selection very seriously. Multiple candidates need to be tested in a variety of conditions to see who best rises to the occasion.

Maybe you wondered if you were imagining it when I held your gaze when I called on you to answer a question. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about the way I leaned in to talk to you about your paper after class. Maybe you’re wondering if you should come to my office hours and see whether there’s anything you should be doing to help your grade.

The answer is yes.

Mrs. Tamra has so many things to teach you in private, especially about her teacher student phone sex expectations.

Yes, I’ve got my eye on you, and yes, I wanted you to notice my shape and my scent when I got really close, and yes, I want you to let me know you’re looking for additional instruction. I have so many things to teach you in private, especially about my secret teacher student phone sex desires. The truth is, it’s hard to find men my age who can give me what I need. So many of them never found the right teacher to begin with, and even the ones who did acquire serious skills are running out of steam physically. It’s just easier to snap up some fresh meat with the stamina I need and teach them exactly how to please me.

I enjoy cuckolding my husband with my young students.

So I scrutinize my classes carefully, looking for young men with just the right attributes to really benefit from my teacher student phone sex instruction. I know you jerk off thinking about having your way with me right there on my desk. I know you think about me when you’re with your girlfriend just like I think about my students when I’m with my husband. I know you’re curious about what it’s really like with an experienced woman like me. Well, you have to be curious to be taught, and I’m a born teacher. Do you think you could be first in class?

Call me and let’s find out.

Remote Control Male Chastity Phone Sex

Have you all heard of that delightful new Cell Mate chastity device? Well you’re in luck because remote control male chastity phone sex is exactly what I am hear to talk about today. What a delightful addition to the remote control toy family. I have a lot of experience playing with slaves and sissies with a variety of different Lovense remote controlled toys. I will tell you that as a Mistress, being able to control my submissive playmates from a distance is quite delightful. Nothing pleases me more than cranking up your vibrating butt plug to eleven or forcing your prostate milker to squeeze so much cum out of you, that you need replenish electrolytes.

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Well, think of how wet I will be when I have the Super Villain Power of locking your cock from across the country! I’m already wet thinking about the remote control male chastity phone sex tease and denial I can have with you. How does it work? Easy. All your Mistress needs is a mobile device (tablet, phone, or computer)and your cock can be locked from anywhere. I’ll need to watch you place the cock cage on camera to make sure the device is on correctly. Voila! You’re all locked up safe and sound. Your pesky cock can’t get you into any trouble unless I, your beautiful keyholding Mistress, allow it.

You surrender to being my remote control male chastity phone sex slave. You’ll have to do whatever I demand to earn your freedom.

Just think about that for a moment…. You surrender to being my remote control male chastity phone sex slave. You’ll have to do whatever I demand to earn your freedom. I’m fairly certain I can train you to be the perfect denied slave. You’ll be so easy to train once you lose access to your own penis while I hold all the control. Think of how malleable you’ll be for me. I can mold you into exactly what I want you to be.

How long do you think it would take before you promised me the sun, moon, and stars in order for me to release you? Would you beg? What would you be willing to do for your Mistress? How would you humiliate yourself? What would you hand over to me? Would you be willing to go dark places for your secret keyholding Goddess? And how long would you last when I finally released you? Could you handle it if I locked you right back up again?

I have so many questions…. the only way to get answers is for me to collect the data from my chastity keyholding test subjects themselves. I’m just itching to find out how you can handle a remote control male chastity phone sex keyholding Mistress like me.

Access denied.