Coerced Bisexual Phone Sex

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Many people have coerced bisexual phone sex desires, but not everyone admits to them. It turns me on when you turn down my encouragement. Sometimes people need to be pushed a little. That’s where I come in. I’m good at pushing you to try new things, to open up and explore. Or should I say open up and be explored! You look like you are ready for that during some forced bi phone sex. I love to bring over guys to the other side, more like I like pushing them over line to batting for the other team. laughs

We’ll have some drinks, loosen up and relax and watch some kinky porn. Something with some hot studs that will make your dick twitch. We can make out a little and I’ll tease you. I’ll stroke your cock while I’m kissing you. I’ll set the mood so that when my boyfriend comes home and finds us, you’ll be sitting naked on the couch with your cock in your hand. Kind of hard to get up and leave in that state. Not that you will really want to now will you. I don’t like to mess around or waste time playing games so as soon as he comes in, he’s going to join us on the couch.

After a little while you will succumb to having your holes used as my coerced bisexual phone sex fag.

He’s tall, muscular and has a long thick cock. I’ll kiss you while he takes your cock in his hand and strokes it. You’ll be harder than a rock in seconds. When my boyfriend strips down and you see his big cock jutting out in front of him you’ll be scared. laughs But I love forced bisexual phone sex and your resistance won’t ruin my good time. I’ll hold your head steady and he’ll slide his cock in your mouth. You can remain hesitant about it but not for long.

The more you whimper and struggle during forced bi phone sex, the wetter my pussy gets.

Between the two of us, my boyfriend and I will show you how to suck his cock real good. Good enough that he’s leaking pre cum and ready to pop. He’s not going to cum down your throat though. Not this time. He’s going to flip you over the couch and shove his cock right up your tight ass. No slow working it in kind of thing, this is going straight in, hard and deep. While you are reacting to the feeling of having your ass violated for the first time, I’ll suck your cock and rub my pussy while you squirm. When I feel you about to cum, I’ll make sure and point your cock up at your face. Blow your own load all over your face while my boyfriend goes off in your ass. And then tell me you didn’t fucking love it. laughs

Sissy Baby ABDL Phone Sex Mommy

He was a naughty sissy baby abdl phone sex faggot in a frilly dress and plastic panties. He needed mama to dress him and send him out into the world to be a slut. She was going to humiliate him and best of all, it was all for me. She was putting on a show for me and I loved it. I clapped when mama pushed him out of her room wearing a short pink frilly dress and a baby bonnet. She made him do a twirl so his skirt rose up. That’s when I saw his diapered bottom and plastic panties. Oh my god, he was an adult baby! A diaper lover even! For the first time I would see what adult baby diaper lover phone sex was all about. I couldn’t wait to get started.

sissy baby abdl phone sex mommy

First he had to tell me all about how he loved to wear a diaper. Loved to put on his little bonnet and then get pampered. Not like pampered in a spa but pampered as in, wearing a pair of pampers diapers. giggles A grown man transformed into a goo-goo gah-gah sissy baby ABDL phone sex slut. I told him to wiggle his bottom back and forth so his diaper make a crinkly sound. I called him little crinkle butt and told him to get on his hands and knees and crawl around like a baby with his butt in the air. He was so good at it that mama and I clapped and took pictures. He started to get fussy and mommy said it was time for some yum yuma.

Of course sissy baby ABDL phone sex infant liked that so he crawled over and climbed up in her lap, latching on to her tit and sucking down her milk.

That’s when she pulled up her shirt and squeezed her big titties. Of course sissy baby ABDL phone sex infant liked that so he crawled over and climbed up in her lap, latching on to her tit and sucking down her milk. She held him and rocked him while he suckled her boob. She put her hand between his legs and rubbed against his diaper, making that crinkle sound, this time getting faster and faster. He was making little happy noises and then shuddered and shook on her lap, still sucking her titties the whole time.

She took him off her boob and told him to lay down on the bed for a change. I laughed as he pulled his knees up to his chest and opened his legs. She took off his diaper and then wiped him off with a baby wipe before powdering his bottom. Then she told him she needed to take his “temperature” and he clapped and cooed while she lubed up the large dildo she pulled out. She out a fresh diaper on but this one had a hole over the bottom. Which made sliding that dildo up his ass really easy!

Mommy took baby’s rectal temperature for a long time, sliding it in and twisting it around, making her baby squirm and coo before she finally got him to say goo goo gaga…

Mommy took baby’s rectal temperature for a long time, sliding it in and twisting it around, making her baby squirm and coo before she finally got him to say goo goo gaga just as his “goo” filled up the front of his new diaper. I smiled when she told me that he had to clean up his diapers before she would put any more on him. If he was serious about sissy baby ABDL phone sex, then he would have to put his money where his mouth was.

Or rather, he’d have to lick those cummy diapers clean. He happily did and wanted to be changed over and over again. So mommy showed me how to change him. And I kind really liked it. I can’t wait to play with more adult babies and change your messy diapers. And of course make you mess your new ones over and over. Call and ask for Mommy Carla to have all your taboo adult baby age play fantasies fulfilled.

Cuckold Confessions Phone Sex

There’s nothing that blends emotional and psychological pain together with eroticism as well as cuckolding. Real cuckold confessions phone sex is in my top five favorite kinds of kinky adult chat. Sure, sometimes people call with fantasies and role-plays and I am keen to explore a wide variety of fantasies if there is at least a splash of humiliation involved. But there is nothing quite as arousing as hearing a man call up and confess that he desires to see his wife with another man. What would it be like for you if your wife was fucking your best friend, a neighborhood boy, the whole basketball team, strangers from a bar, etc?

cuckold confessions phone sex

I am very encouraging when it comes to cuckold phone sex. If you are just mulling over an erotic idea of your wife fucking someone else while you masturbate, I am going to encourage you to talk to her. Talk to her about having a more open relationship. Or talk to her about visiting swingers clubs. Or just let me talk to her. Yep, I mean it too. If you both call me together, I will have you guys make love at my instruction and then bring up some other fantasies I find hot…. like consensual cheating. Group sex may be a little too much soon, but eventually I will get you both there. You only live once, you know. Might as well have fun while we are all here, right? Don’t stuff your desires for being cucked deep down inside. 

I can help you sort through all those complicated jealous feelings you’ll have at the same time you’re aroused by cuckold confessions phone sex.

I can help you sort through all those complicated jealous feelings you’ll have at the same time you’re aroused by cuckold confessions phone sex. If you want to let your wife fuck a man with a bigger dick than you – like say, your braggadocious friend from work and at the same time you hate the idea of him fucking your woman. You just need some reminders about who your wife is and who you are. You’re the cuck and that’s perfectly acceptable. You’re a different kid of man than your stud work pal. Your wife will always love you, she just might also love how your work buddy fucks her. 

I especially love more experienced cuckolds. I like it when you call me while your wife is out with her boyfriend. Fuck, it’s like the best reality porn show to speculate with you about what is happening to your wife or girlfriend while we are talking. If you can all from a land line in case she wants to call you while she is getting pounded, my pussy would very much appreciate it. I hope she can at least sext you a few photos of her with his superior cock. I just love how the thought of your sharing your wife both hurts your ego and stiffens your cock at the exact same time. Don’t worry, baby. I get it. You can call me and confess to me all your deepest darkest secrets. And if it involves your humiliation followed by acceptance of your place in this world, you can bet your wife’s pussy that I am going to be encouraging. 

Sissy Cosplay Phone Sex

sissy cosplay phone sex

I’m in the Wonder Woman outfit again for Mistress Angelique and ready for sissy cosplay phone sex. He fucks me so goddamn hard when I wear this costume. Last time he left me covered in his jizz and just *so* sore. Who am I kidding though? I love being his slutty captive wonder sissy. I fucking love it. I love the way the iconic high heeled boots made my shimmery smooth pantyhose legs look even sexier than usual, the way they make my ass look so juicy and extra fuckable. I love the custom corset/bustier top that cinches my slim sissy waist into sexy sissy girl curves. And I absolutely love the way he fucks me after he gets me all tied up and helpless. When he starts choking me with the “magic lasso” while his cock pummels my sissy pussy, that’s when I usually start squirting my sissy cream everywhere.

We met on Fetlife, through Mistress Angelique. She encouraged me with sissy cosplay phone sex training and I was pretty new to the kink scene, new to online dating at all really. I was an inexperienced but super eager sissy, desperate for the attention of a real life person that knew what a bitch like me needed. The fact that he loved sexy cosplay was a big turn on for me, typical comic book geek. I met him at a hotel room the first few times. I was so nervous but I could hear Mistress Angelique’s voice ringing in my head. “You want to be a good sissy cocksucking fuck bunny don’t you?” And he seemed sane, he was clean and he smelled nice. 

He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut.

He really seemed to like how I looked in pantyhose, leotards and, boots. He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut. I loved how turned on he was by my body and my costumes. I had no idea how much I was gonna love getting fucked. Well, okay, that’s a lie, I had *some* idea, having recently discovered ass play with ‘realistic’ toys. But oh wow, did it ever feel amazing to be his bound, helpless sissy bitch, and have my little virginal sissy booty pounded for hours at a time.

I think back to the last meeting and shiver. If tonight is…anything like last time, I am in for some serious fun. Last time he had me wear headphones at Mistress Angelique’s instruction, that played layered, looped sissy hypnosis audio files of her voice. Then he tied me, face up, to a weight bench, with my head hanging, unsupported, over the edge. My legs were then put into a most delectable, utterly helpless frog-tie. The ring gag made it pretty clear what kind of treatment I was in for. He then proceeded to throat fuck me, somehow both brutally and tenderly. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess you need to be a sissy to understand. See, I had been practicing on my own with what I thought was a pretty thick eight inch “realistic” dildo. I had made my own eyes water gagging on it while I learned to take it’s entire length but, that did not, at all, prepare me for the sheer savagery of his throat fucking.

“Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!”

Through all my sputtering, slobbering, coughing and choking he would hiss, “Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!” or “Good slut, surrender yourself to my cock wonder slut.” Every now and then he would reach over and rub my cock in through my pantyhose, sending even more electric sensations through my already overstimulated body and I’d forget to breath through my nose and start to choke again and then he’d slap my cock really hard. 

The ring gag, of course, protected him from any of my involuntary jaw clenching due to the slaps. I’m pretty sure that the thing that really broke me for good was when he finally started to come. He grabbed my cock and started to squeeze, super hard, and then also started roughly jacking me off in my hose, while he used the other hand to slap my balls, all the while grunting and pumping cum down my throat. Me just choking and writhing and crying and, finally, orgasming helplessly into his fucking vice grip of a fist. When he finally pulled his cock from my throat, he wiped it all over my face. I wanted more. Needed more. I need him to fuck my sissy pussy, to make me his cosplay fuck bunny cock slave.

Thank you Mistress Angelique. You knew just what I needed, I am so glad I called you.