Strap On Phone Sex Pegging

strap on phone sex

He was such a man. Tall dark and handsome with a really nice cock. I was very excited to expose him to pegging with strap-on phone sex. After that, all he could think of is what I would look like in thigh high stockings, heels and a great big strap on cock. When I stood over him and looked down into his eyes, my big cock jutting out in front of me, he whimpered. I laughed and told him that I would indulge his strap on phone sex fantasy if he impressed me well enough with his oral skills. He had to become the perfect deep-throater. I smacked him in the face with my cock and laughed as he opened his mouth like a fish, opening and closing, trying to gulp down cock.

He was such an eager cocksucker for me. I grabbed his hair and pulled hard, his mouth popping open as I yanked. I slide my cock in and let him wrap his warm mouth around my perfect strap on cock. He sucked slow at first, just the tip, slowing taking more. I let him inch his way down my cock, taking more slowly and hesitantly. When I had more than half of my cock in his mouth I grabbed the back of his head and held it still while I pumped in and out of his mouth. I heard him gag and cough as I pushed down his throat. I liked listening to him struggle to take all that strap on phone sex cock. He worked it out and got the hang of it quick enough though.

The more I fucked his face with strap on phone sex, the more he got turned on.

His cock grew and grew and by the time I was pumping his mouth, his own hard dick was twitching and throbbing. I made him gag and cough before I pulled my cock out of his throat. He was dazed and his eyes were half closed as I had him turn around. He was eager and quickly had his face down in the carpet and his ass up in the air. I was lubed up and ready to go, my cock pressing against his tight asshole. I teased him, reaching around to grab his cock and balls while I pushed against his ass just a bit.

He was moaning and started to try and push back against me as he whimpered and begged please please. He was totally loving his strap on phone sex fetish play so I grabbed him by his hips and pushed my strap on cock straight in his ass. I drove it all the way in, nice and steady, while he shuddered and gasped.

He was ready to cum right then, I could tell by how much his dick was throbbing. I grasped his cock hard though and told him he needed a good fucking first. And then I fucked him in the ass with my big strap on cock all night long. When my cock wasn’t in his ass it was in his mouth. He satisfied his new fetish for pegging over and over and keeps coming back for more. I love my strap on cock sessions and can’t wait to see how much you love it too.

Alien Phone Sex Invader Fantasy

alien phone sex invader abduction

My cunt enjoys exploring new types role-plays and that’s especially true with science fiction and the supernatural. Many of you have already experienced my many differences from mortal women – What if I told you that I’m an extraterrestrial alien phone sex invader from another planet? It’s true, I’m a high born alien queen from a far away world. I’ve finally escaped Area 51 due to some security mishaps during your global pandemic. Now I’m finally free to fulfill my original mission: evaluate human male seminal fluid. My mission was to carefully land on your planet, don a female human disguise, seduce a male of your species and secure a sample of his sperm specimen for evaluation.

Now you must be wondering why an Area 51 escapee and evil alien phone sex invader has an interest in your semen. Well, it’s to see if the human male is a viable mating option for my kind. The male of my species are becoming sterile at an increasing rate and we’re going to need a replacement to save the alien race. My mission was (and still is) to come to Earth, lure a man into having sex with my humanoid form and then save his ejaculate for my ship’s laboratory for experimentation. I crashed into earth because of the mess of space trash orbiting your planet. (Honestly, somebody really should clean all that debris up.) After the crash, myself and my ship’s technology was seized by your government…

My alien phone sex invasion mission is to evaluate human semen.

Without my ship’s technology, I’m left to my own devices. I’m just going to have to see if your human sperm can impregnate my alien phone sex invader cunt first hand. I can figure out a way to communicate with my mother ship later. When the time is right, I can relay back to my people if human sperm is suitable for reproduction. I hope for your sake and the sake of all humankind you will provide some use to us. If not and humans are completely useless, we’ll simply irradiate the entire planet you all call “Earth”. Now you must think I’m an evil alien phone sex invader. You filthy humans were well on your way to irradiating your own planet yourselves anyway. What did you expect? A nice alien abductor to come down and eat candy coated treats with you?

My humanoid form is quite attractive by human standards, but I wonder if your cock would remain stiff if you saw my true alien phone sex invader form. I find this human form amusing but very limiting. How do human women enjoy sexual intercourse without a long tail? The best way to extract all of the semen out of the males of my species, is to thrust your tail into their anus and massage a gland until it all just spurts out. Does it mating not work the same with humans? I’ve watched a few pornographic videos since I’ve been freed from my Area 51 imprisonment and saw a lot of strap-on pegging. I don’t need plastic props or tools in my alien form.

As an evil alien queen, I violate your ass and force your prostate to give me the specimen I need.

I’m curious to try extracting semen from a lucky human male in a variety of ways and I am certain your ass can accommodate my eager tail. I can even make it vibrate. Since you will be my very first (and possibly my last) human male – I may even develop a fondness for you. I could just keep you as my pet -even if your sperm is as garbage as the trash floating around in earth’s orbit. I could bring you back to my planet and keep you as my human slave. Hopefully you’ll be grateful that I kept you alive after we irradiate Earth. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the human pet of an evil alien phone sex invader? Think of all the fun your new Alien Queen would have abusing your human holes?