Sissy Sex Change Phone Sex

sissy sex change phone sex

I love feminizing naughty boys into girls, but sometimes you meet a rare gem and know they need an sissy sex change phone sex fantasy. I found a pretty sissy slut that wanted to take things further. No matter how much makeup and girly stuff I put on him, he wanted more. He didn’t want guys fucking him in his stinky man pussy. What he wanted was a real pussy to play with and nice big bouncy tits! He had an extreme transformation fantasy that involved me changing him from a pathetic hairy man into a divine female slut. I’m a woman that loves extreme makeovers so naturally I was ready to dial up some doctors for his gender affirmation surgery.

He didn’t want to keep his cock and balls, which I understood completely. He was so small why bother even having a dick. laughs He came to the right place, I love doing sissy sex change transformation phone sex fantasies with a good role-play story. I decided to be the sexy mad scientist that would change him from a dull boring guy into a glamorous sexy vixen. It all started with me strapping him to the table in my laboratory. After that, things got really weird.

I love doing sissy sex change transformation phone sex fantasies with a good role-play story.

I was dressed in a super sexy nurse outfit and he was naked. Naked and strapped to a cold hard table, waiting to trade in some sweaty wrinkled balls for a nice smooth pussy. And I was also ready to make his dreams come true and transform him into the sexiest trans woman alive. I gave him some special pills that would numb the pain but still let him feel things. Then I took out my tools and instruments. Various science fiction type stuff, really advanced technology. You have to pull out all the stops when you’re orchestrating a sissy sex change phone sex transformation.

I attached a giant suction cup over his cock and balls as well as cups on his chest, over his nipples. Next I turned on the cups attached to his chest and smiled as he felt the intense suction. I used a laser wand to rid his body of all the hair. It only took seconds and a quick pass with the wand and he was smooth and soft as any woman ever has been. I gave him a few shots on his face and soon it started to soften and change. His stubble was gone and he had a more delicate face and full pouty lips. His nipples were becoming nipples on a pair of nice big bouncy tits. With my mad scientist genius, he was able to skip the pain of top surgery during his sissy phone sex sex change. I turned off the tit machine once he was a nice D cup. Then I watched as the drugs I gave him started working, his waist was shrinking and his hips were getting wider.

He looked completely smooth between his legs, like a plastic doll.

I turned on the machine attached to his cock and balls and watched as they disappeared, almost like magic. He looked completely smooth between his legs, like a plastic doll. Finally I added a tiny device between his legs that would dive in and create his new vagina. A nice tight cunt that would have a plump juicy clit as well and so wet!

Now that he was a she from head to toe I took her off the table and dressed her up, added makeup and styled her long gorgeous hair. No one would ever think this hot slut was once a dud of a man. It was so exciting! Our first adventure was about to begin. He didn’t want to just be a girl, he wanted to be a really slutty girl who loved to suck and fuck lots of cock. I made him into a her, now it was time to make her into a super slut. His extreme sissy phone sex makeover fantasy was only beginning with a sex change. Now was the time for serious slut training. Call me if you’d like to be transformed into and woman. I’ll even do to you what I had done to her. And I know you’ll LOVE IT!