Cuckold Confessions Phone Sex

There’s nothing that blends emotional and psychological pain together with eroticism as well as cuckolding. Real cuckold confessions phone sex is in my top five favorite kinds of kinky adult chat. Sure, sometimes people call with fantasies and role-plays and I am keen to explore a wide variety of fantasies if there is at least a splash of humiliation involved. But there is nothing quite as arousing as hearing a man call up and confess that he desires to see his wife with another man. What would it be like for you if your wife was fucking your best friend, a neighborhood boy, the whole basketball team, strangers from a bar, etc?

cuckold confessions phone sex

I am very encouraging when it comes to cuckold phone sex. If you are just mulling over an erotic idea of your wife fucking someone else while you masturbate, I am going to encourage you to talk to her. Talk to her about having a more open relationship. Or talk to her about visiting swingers clubs. Or just let me talk to her. Yep, I mean it too. If you both call me together, I will have you guys make love at my instruction and then bring up some other fantasies I find hot…. like consensual cheating. Group sex may be a little too much soon, but eventually I will get you both there. You only live once, you know. Might as well have fun while we are all here, right? Don’t stuff your desires for being cucked deep down inside. 

I can help you sort through all those complicated jealous feelings you’ll have at the same time you’re aroused by cuckold confessions phone sex.

I can help you sort through all those complicated jealous feelings you’ll have at the same time you’re aroused by cuckold confessions phone sex. If you want to let your wife fuck a man with a bigger dick than you – like say, your braggadocious friend from work and at the same time you hate the idea of him fucking your woman. You just need some reminders about who your wife is and who you are. You’re the cuck and that’s perfectly acceptable. You’re a different kid of man than your stud work pal. Your wife will always love you, she just might also love how your work buddy fucks her. 

I especially love more experienced cuckolds. I like it when you call me while your wife is out with her boyfriend. Fuck, it’s like the best reality porn show to speculate with you about what is happening to your wife or girlfriend while we are talking. If you can all from a land line in case she wants to call you while she is getting pounded, my pussy would very much appreciate it. I hope she can at least sext you a few photos of her with his superior cock. I just love how the thought of your sharing your wife both hurts your ego and stiffens your cock at the exact same time. Don’t worry, baby. I get it. You can call me and confess to me all your deepest darkest secrets. And if it involves your humiliation followed by acceptance of your place in this world, you can bet your wife’s pussy that I am going to be encouraging. 

Sissy Cosplay Phone Sex

sissy cosplay phone sex

I’m in the Wonder Woman outfit again for Mistress Angelique and ready for sissy cosplay phone sex. He fucks me so goddamn hard when I wear this costume. Last time he left me covered in his jizz and just *so* sore. Who am I kidding though? I love being his slutty captive wonder sissy. I fucking love it. I love the way the iconic high heeled boots made my shimmery smooth pantyhose legs look even sexier than usual, the way they make my ass look so juicy and extra fuckable. I love the custom corset/bustier top that cinches my slim sissy waist into sexy sissy girl curves. And I absolutely love the way he fucks me after he gets me all tied up and helpless. When he starts choking me with the “magic lasso” while his cock pummels my sissy pussy, that’s when I usually start squirting my sissy cream everywhere.

We met on Fetlife, through Mistress Angelique. She encouraged me with sissy cosplay phone sex training and I was pretty new to the kink scene, new to online dating at all really. I was an inexperienced but super eager sissy, desperate for the attention of a real life person that knew what a bitch like me needed. The fact that he loved sexy cosplay was a big turn on for me, typical comic book geek. I met him at a hotel room the first few times. I was so nervous but I could hear Mistress Angelique’s voice ringing in my head. “You want to be a good sissy cocksucking fuck bunny don’t you?” And he seemed sane, he was clean and he smelled nice. 

He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut.

He really seemed to like how I looked in pantyhose, leotards and, boots. He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut. I loved how turned on he was by my body and my costumes. I had no idea how much I was gonna love getting fucked. Well, okay, that’s a lie, I had *some* idea, having recently discovered ass play with ‘realistic’ toys. But oh wow, did it ever feel amazing to be his bound, helpless sissy bitch, and have my little virginal sissy booty pounded for hours at a time.

I think back to the last meeting and shiver. If tonight is…anything like last time, I am in for some serious fun. Last time he had me wear headphones at Mistress Angelique’s instruction, that played layered, looped sissy hypnosis audio files of her voice. Then he tied me, face up, to a weight bench, with my head hanging, unsupported, over the edge. My legs were then put into a most delectable, utterly helpless frog-tie. The ring gag made it pretty clear what kind of treatment I was in for. He then proceeded to throat fuck me, somehow both brutally and tenderly. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess you need to be a sissy to understand. See, I had been practicing on my own with what I thought was a pretty thick eight inch “realistic” dildo. I had made my own eyes water gagging on it while I learned to take it’s entire length but, that did not, at all, prepare me for the sheer savagery of his throat fucking.

“Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!”

Through all my sputtering, slobbering, coughing and choking he would hiss, “Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!” or “Good slut, surrender yourself to my cock wonder slut.” Every now and then he would reach over and rub my cock in through my pantyhose, sending even more electric sensations through my already overstimulated body and I’d forget to breath through my nose and start to choke again and then he’d slap my cock really hard. 

The ring gag, of course, protected him from any of my involuntary jaw clenching due to the slaps. I’m pretty sure that the thing that really broke me for good was when he finally started to come. He grabbed my cock and started to squeeze, super hard, and then also started roughly jacking me off in my hose, while he used the other hand to slap my balls, all the while grunting and pumping cum down my throat. Me just choking and writhing and crying and, finally, orgasming helplessly into his fucking vice grip of a fist. When he finally pulled his cock from my throat, he wiped it all over my face. I wanted more. Needed more. I need him to fuck my sissy pussy, to make me his cosplay fuck bunny cock slave.

Thank you Mistress Angelique. You knew just what I needed, I am so glad I called you.

Teacher Student Phone Sex

You might think I’m focused on my notes when I’m giving a teacher student phone sex lecture, but I’ve taught this class a dozen times and I can recite the whole semester while juggling. You might think I’m concentrating on leading a discussion about the reading, but my mind – and my eye – are on other things. I’m studying the talent in the room. Do you think you might have what it take to be a promising, up-and-coming young scholar?

teacher student phone sex

There’s just something so refreshing about taking a handsome young man and wrapping him around my finger while I wrap my legs around his hips and hold him tight. Every semester brings a new crop of potential recruits, and I take my teacher student phone sex selection very seriously. Multiple candidates need to be tested in a variety of conditions to see who best rises to the occasion.

Maybe you wondered if you were imagining it when I held your gaze when I called on you to answer a question. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about the way I leaned in to talk to you about your paper after class. Maybe you’re wondering if you should come to my office hours and see whether there’s anything you should be doing to help your grade.

The answer is yes.

Mrs. Tamra has so many things to teach you in private, especially about her teacher student phone sex expectations.

Yes, I’ve got my eye on you, and yes, I wanted you to notice my shape and my scent when I got really close, and yes, I want you to let me know you’re looking for additional instruction. I have so many things to teach you in private, especially about my secret teacher student phone sex desires. The truth is, it’s hard to find men my age who can give me what I need. So many of them never found the right teacher to begin with, and even the ones who did acquire serious skills are running out of steam physically. It’s just easier to snap up some fresh meat with the stamina I need and teach them exactly how to please me.

I enjoy cuckolding my husband with my young students.

So I scrutinize my classes carefully, looking for young men with just the right attributes to really benefit from my teacher student phone sex instruction. I know you jerk off thinking about having your way with me right there on my desk. I know you think about me when you’re with your girlfriend just like I think about my students when I’m with my husband. I know you’re curious about what it’s really like with an experienced woman like me. Well, you have to be curious to be taught, and I’m a born teacher. Do you think you could be first in class?

Call me and let’s find out.

Remote Control Male Chastity Phone Sex

Have you all heard of that delightful new Cell Mate chastity device? Well you’re in luck because remote control male chastity phone sex is exactly what I am hear to talk about today. What a delightful addition to the remote control toy family. I have a lot of experience playing with slaves and sissies with a variety of different Lovense remote controlled toys. I will tell you that as a Mistress, being able to control my submissive playmates from a distance is quite delightful. Nothing pleases me more than cranking up your vibrating butt plug to eleven or forcing your prostate milker to squeeze so much cum out of you, that you need replenish electrolytes.

remote control male chastity phone sex keyholding mistress

Well, think of how wet I will be when I have the Super Villain Power of locking your cock from across the country! I’m already wet thinking about the remote control male chastity phone sex tease and denial I can have with you. How does it work? Easy. All your Mistress needs is a mobile device (tablet, phone, or computer)and your cock can be locked from anywhere. I’ll need to watch you place the cock cage on camera to make sure the device is on correctly. Voila! You’re all locked up safe and sound. Your pesky cock can’t get you into any trouble unless I, your beautiful keyholding Mistress, allow it.

You surrender to being my remote control male chastity phone sex slave. You’ll have to do whatever I demand to earn your freedom.

Just think about that for a moment…. You surrender to being my remote control male chastity phone sex slave. You’ll have to do whatever I demand to earn your freedom. I’m fairly certain I can train you to be the perfect denied slave. You’ll be so easy to train once you lose access to your own penis while I hold all the control. Think of how malleable you’ll be for me. I can mold you into exactly what I want you to be.

How long do you think it would take before you promised me the sun, moon, and stars in order for me to release you? Would you beg? What would you be willing to do for your Mistress? How would you humiliate yourself? What would you hand over to me? Would you be willing to go dark places for your secret keyholding Goddess? And how long would you last when I finally released you? Could you handle it if I locked you right back up again?

I have so many questions…. the only way to get answers is for me to collect the data from my chastity keyholding test subjects themselves. I’m just itching to find out how you can handle a remote control male chastity phone sex keyholding Mistress like me.

Access denied.

Interracial Phone Sex Monster BBC

interracial phone sex latina

After a breakup most girls need a change. Some alter their hair style. Others splurge on an expensive new handbag. Many treat themselves to a fancy dinners. A little retail therapy goes a long way. These are all lovely ideas after a break up but it’s missing one very important element: To get over a man, you have to get under another. I like to get under an entirely different kind of man with interracial phone sex. No more white wimps with tiny pink dicks for me. I needed something different; A Latin Lover or a Black Bull.

Oh yes, after my breakup I desperately wanted a change and I went after it. In order to have the best possible post-break up sex, I knew I wanted all of the things that women normally want after exiting a boring relationship. First I got on a dating app with lots of sexy interracial phone sex studs in my area. I swiped like a mad woman on all the muscular hotties. I super swiped the ones that had visible cock bulges. Yum! Then I went to the hair salon and got a cute new style. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the spa getting a fresh manicure, facial, and bikini wax. Then I met my girlfriends for sushi and went on a shopping spree. 

My best friends were excitedly helping me pick out the sexiest lingerie for my interracial phone sex rebound…

My best friends were excitedly helping me pick out the sexiest lingerie for my interracial phone sex rebound when it happened. Oh my… I matched with this gorgeous black GOD of a man. He was tall, with a perfect smile and a very muscular build. I knew that this was the man to help me get over my ex. We chatted for a little bit and I swooned. He was already sexier, funnier, and more charming than my bland ex. I knew that this new interracial phone sex guy was the man I wanted to be the sexiest little slut for. 

I told him that I was just getting out of a relationship and that I hadn’t been properly fucked in over a year. He needed to know that my wimp of an ex was absolute trash in the bedroom and that if he wanted to use my hot under-sexed body, he could. I desperately needed to be fucked by a man that knew how to handle a slut so I sexted him a photo of my tits in the lingerie right from the fitting room! He responded with “Don’t worry, baby girl. I will handle you if you can handle this…” Then a photo of his stiffening cock in his black boxer briefs came through. It was HUGE! In that moment both my mouth and my pussy were drooling. I knew that I needed to get this lingerie off me before I ruined it for later! I invited my interracial phone sex match over to my place that evening. Then I hurried home to get ready to put on that very same sexy red lingerie. 

I opened and there he was looking even more perfect than in his photos. I stared at him in my black lingerie in awe for a brief moment.

I nervously reapplied my red lipstick for the hundredth time. Then I began puttering about in my high heels when there was a knock at the door. I opened and there he was looking even more perfect than in his photos. I stared at him in my black lingerie in awe for a brief moment. Then I welcomed him inside and shut the door. He looked me up and down and smiled before hooking his hand around my waist and pulling me up against his already hard cock. I kissed him while he mauled my tits. Squeezing them and inspecting them. Yes, this is exactly what I needed….

It had been a year wasted with my wimpy white ex. A whole year of being deprived of quality sex. My mouth was desperate to suck his big black cock and I needed him now! I lifted up his shirt and kissed down his muscular chest as I dropped to my knees. I smiled and used my tongue to trace trails through the muscles in his six pack. Moaning softly between kisses and licks. When I got to the waist band of his pants, his huge cock was practically ready to burst the button off. I caressed his monster bbc cock through his pants and carefully unzipped. My eyes widened and he smiled smugly. Now this was the kind of cocky man I loved. A man that delivers. A real man. It felt like I had delicately unwrapped a present to release a monster. And that’s exactly what it was: a monster bbc. A gorgeous eleven inch masterpiece of a black cock complete with a fat mushroom head and delicious veins.

What would happen if I FaceTimed my ex boyfriend so he could watch me with my new black lover? It would be such a turn on to humiliate him like this! Call me for all kinds of interracial phone sex talk. 

Cuckold Phone Sex Humiliation

When someone calls with that certain quiver in his voice, I know exactly what he wants to talk about. It’s getting more and more common, so don’t worry that it’s just you. The inadequacy that leads to cuckold phone sex humiliation, isn’t your special secret unique burden to bear. The evidence is all around us, clearer than ever: Some men have what it takes to please women, and the rest don’t. And you’ve started to figure out which category you belong in. And you need to talk about it.

You can’t talk to your friends about cuckold phone sex. That’s just impossibly embarrassing.

And you can’t talk to your wife or girlfriend, because you already know one of two things is going to happen: Either she tells you not to be silly, not to worry, she loves making love with you … but you won’t really believe her … or she does tell you that actually, yes, you leave something to be desired. And you know what? That’s what you really want, you want her to tell you that she’s wanting, because then everything will be perfectly clear and understood. But it’s too frightening! It’s too real. I understand. You can talk to me about cuckold phone sex humiliation instead.

I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll tell you truths she’d never tell you. It’s easy for me to figure out exactly who you are, and let me tell you right now who you aren’t: a man. A real man. A man who can please a woman, who can keep a woman, who can make a woman want to please him in return. That’s not you. It never was, it never will be, and the sooner you accept that the happier everyone will be.

It’s really a public service I’m providing. You’ll be happier once you accept your limitations and stop letting unrealistic ideas pollute your relationships. And every woman you talk to will be happier once you stop thinking you can offer them something you absolutely cannot. Once you start talking to me everything will become clear. You’re meant for a life of cuckold phone sex stories and that’s it. I can tell you exactly what women need to please them, and I can tell you all about the qualities that real men have. And you’ll completely understand that I’m describing something you aren’t, never were, never could be. You’re something else. It’s not your fault. Just let me help you understand.

Vampire Phone Sex with Immortal Janelle

When you’re calling an open-minded professional like me, you really can let your imagination and desires wander all kinds of places. You an even have vampire phone sex if you like. You’ll never know what kind of hidden needs you have, and what kind of incredible pleasure is possible, until you really open yourself up to the possibilities. The fantasies you share with me don’t need to be within the boundaries of what you think is “normal.” They don’t even need to be within the boundaries of what you believe is possible.

humiliation phone sex blonde goddess

Have your fantasies been going somewhere dark? Somewhere … supernatural? Have you been yearning for the embrace of a woman with a little more bite? Perhaps some vampire phone sex? Oh, but you’re afraid, I get it. There are all these awful horrible stories about the ones you’re curious about, the people who stalk the night, the undying, the ones with the really sharp teeth and the very specific thirst. You’re afraid of vampire phone sex, and I understand. I won’t rush you. We’ll take it nice and slow. We’ll sit somewhere dark and comfortable, one of my long, pale arms draped over your shoulder, and I’ll let you relax into it. The feeling of my long, sharp nails – and you’ve never felt a woman’s nails this sharp, I promise you – slowly scratching your thigh under the fabric of your pants, dragging them up your chest, scratching almost too hard against your soft neck. I can feel your ache. I can smell your need, and your fear.

The allure of vampire phone sex is too powerful to resist.

I’ll let you kiss me. You’ve never kissed anything like me. I can feel your tongue testing my teeth, but I don’t mind because I know you’re curious. You can’t help being curious. You can’t actually help anything that’s happened since our eyes met. It was all utterly inevitable. I’m just taking my time, because – can I let you in on a secret? I know I can – you’ll taste better to me during vampire phone sex if you’re not terrified. And I intend to enjoy myself. What’s the point of being like me if I’m not having any fun? I know there’s a part of your brain telling you to run while you can. The same part of your brain that’s always looking for a leopard in the bush, because it recognizes me for what I really am. But your eyes are glued to mine, and your imagination is drowning in my big, inviting smile, and that little voice of caution is getting quieter and quieter. You can’t help yourself. You can’t listen anymore. You’re ready.

My teeth are so sharp it doesn’t even hurt, baby. My grip on you is so strong, you relax because you finally realize there was never any chance of fighting me off, so there’s no point in trying to resist. Your neck is aching in the best way as the most irresistible creature you’ve ever met drains the most precious part of you, drop by drop. You’re mine, now. My dinner, if I want all your blood right now, my plaything if I want to keep you around.

But some part of you still thinks like a man, and I know everything you’re thinking. Here you are, being more intimate than you’ve ever imagined with a gorgeous woman. You’re greedy in your own way, and your little mind has some very predictable patterns. So when I suggest that we could have even more fun if we were both completely undressed, you’ll be drooling to say yes. Maybe somewhere in the world there’s a man with the will to decline a vampire’s offer to fuck, but you ain’t him.

Well I have another surprise for you, pet, and it’s this lovely toy I’m strapping around my hips. Oh, did you think it was going the other way? Are you really that conceited? There’s no backing out now. I could snap your neck with one hand, so where do you think you’re squirming off to? We agreed that we were going to fuck, and this is the way I want it: my new pet, face down, ass up, spreading his tender little hole for my big plastic cock with pegging phone sex. I don’t care what you think you’ve got between your legs, did you really think a mere human has what it takes to properly fuck a vampire? Get real. Remember at the end of the night you’re just another piece of meat.

Locktober Male Chastity Phone Sex

sissy fag training phone sex bbc

It’s still locktober and all my fellow keyholding mistresses know how much fun the month of October is when you have male chastity phone sex slaves! Does the thought of being in imprisoned in a keyholding situation simultaneously frighten and excite you? Good, I love giving men raging fear boners. A terrified man on his knees, submissive and easy to mold into the perfect play thing. That’s what makes keyholding cock control so very fun. You don’t need access to your cock, it just gets you into too much trouble anyhow. I’m going to take your masculinity straight out of your hands. That’s right, your penis belongs to me now and only I can tell you when, how, and where to touch it.

Locking up your penis with male chastity phone sex is essential for compliance.

A cock imprisoned is one of my greatest turn-ons. I can rest assured that you will remain obedient. It removes any lying straight from the situation. I don’t even have to ask if you masturbated because I know you haven’t when I’ve locked up the key in a safe. I would never lock your cock and throw away the key because that’s my carrot on a stick to dangle in front of you like cocks at the gloryholes. You’ll want to earn your freedom from male chastity phone sex, but if you do the crime you’ve got to do your time.

Why exactly would a wicked blonde woman want to strip the freedom of having a cock from you? Other than being a relentless top Femdom, to further feminize you of course! A chastity belt like the holytrainer or CB-6000 strips your masculinity and leaves your keyholding Goddess with all the control. Without a cock you are nothing more than a submissive, sissy doll for her to use, dress up, and parade about on display.

What are you willing to do to earn your freedom with male chastity phone sex keyholding? Imagine you are unable to stroke for three whole days. Would you become a little frustrated when I forced you to watch porn? Surely, after a week you would start to become very antsy. I think it’s time to expose you to your new duties as my personal sissy cum slut. After nine days you would you willing to do whatever it took to have access of your cock again? Or would you just accept that you are no longer a man and live as my submissive sissy princess forever?


sissy in male chastity device
Mistress Janelle’s #1 Sissy in Chastity

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex Party

forced intoxication party

We all know when you let loose and decide to party on the weekend, or the extended weekend you’ll need some extra nasty, fetish driven, taboo talk surrounding your forced intoxication phone sex domination fantasies. I’m just the mean Queen to give it to you…. So go ahead, imbibe, inhale, sniff, snort, rip – whatever it may be, you’re about to buy the ticket and I’m about to take the ride with you.

I love taking advantage of you and pushing you to go further than you’ve gone before. What sort of fucked up fantasies do you have in mind? What sort of party favors are we playing with? I’m wondering what your poison is, fuck toy? Something that’s going to make you go pop, the gay juice, the fucked up party drugs that truly make your most darkest of desires blossom into full-blown fetishes.

Party favors, porn, me, and taboo forced intoxication phone sex are what you need. Let’s make sure to get this fuck fest going in the right direction. So let me be clear: party, queue up the porn I tell you to, and then dial my number. Allow Mistress Janelle to take control a/nd you into my forced intoxication phone sex fuck puppet. If I am not available check out the other forced intoxication phone sex mistresses on the available page.

It’s quite simple really, because you know you want to go all the way down that rabbit hole you’re currently spiraling down, but you need supervision. I’m the one to provide that sweet supervision and guide you to absolute ecstasy.

Size Queen Phone Sex SPH Mistress

I’m a firm believer that bigger is nearly always better. A gorgeous woman like me, deserves a big fat monster cock. Is that something you possess? Check your pants right now, shrimp dick. How does it measure up to my dildo? That’s right. Look it up and down then look at that underwhelming thing in your boxers. The only thing you’ll be good for us size queen phone sex SPH.

size queen phone sex sph

By now you should know that SPH is small penis humiliation. Come on, you have a small cock so get with the picture, loser. You don’t have enough to please me and you are going to hear about your shortcomings while I please a man with a bigger cock or use one of my fantastically large dildos. Are you jealous or turned on? You know you’ll never be able to properly fill my cunt like I need. You know you’re less of a man and more of a girl. I mean, your penis even looks like a clit. So small cock humiliation and size queen phone sex is all I have in store for you.

Maybe I’ll even decide to cuckold you if you’re worth it. You should see how a real sexy stud pounds my sweet snatch. In so many ways, he’s stronger than you. A better man than you. He’s a real man with such a long, thick cock. You won’t be able to look away when he starts grabbing and groping me. I’m sorry you’re so useless, but not as sorry as you’re going to be when you see a real man take me in all the ways you only dream of being able to.

I’m a size queen phone sex Mistress who will show you your place in this world. Underneath me, licking the drippings from my hot freshly fucked pussy. Slurp all of that wetness up you little dicked loser.