Locktober Male Chastity Phone Sex

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It’s still locktober and all my fellow keyholding mistresses know how much fun the month of October is when you have male chastity phone sex slaves! Does the thought of being in imprisoned in a keyholding situation simultaneously frighten and excite you? Good, I love giving men raging fear boners. A terrified man on his knees, submissive and easy to mold into the perfect play thing. That’s what makes keyholding cock control so very fun. You don’t need access to your cock, it just gets you into too much trouble anyhow. I’m going to take your masculinity straight out of your hands. That’s right, your penis belongs to me now and only I can tell you when, how, and where to touch it.

Locking up your penis with male chastity phone sex is essential for compliance.

A cock imprisoned is one of my greatest turn-ons. I can rest assured that you will remain obedient. It removes any lying straight from the situation. I don’t even have to ask if you masturbated because I know you haven’t when I’ve locked up the key in a safe. I would never lock your cock and throw away the key because that’s my carrot on a stick to dangle in front of you like cocks at the gloryholes. You’ll want to earn your freedom from male chastity phone sex, but if you do the crime you’ve got to do your time.

Why exactly would a wicked blonde woman want to strip the freedom of having a cock from you? Other than being a relentless top Femdom, to further feminize you of course! A chastity belt like the holytrainer or CB-6000 strips your masculinity and leaves your keyholding Goddess with all the control. Without a cock you are nothing more than a submissive, sissy doll for her to use, dress up, and parade about on display.

What are you willing to do to earn your freedom with male chastity phone sex keyholding? Imagine you are unable to stroke for three whole days. Would you become a little frustrated when I forced you to watch porn? Surely, after a week you would start to become very antsy. I think it’s time to expose you to your new duties as my personal sissy cum slut. After nine days you would you willing to do whatever it took to have access of your cock again? Or would you just accept that you are no longer a man and live as my submissive sissy princess forever?


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