Sissy Sex Change Phone Sex

sissy sex change phone sex

I love feminizing naughty boys into girls, but sometimes you meet a rare gem and know they need an sissy sex change phone sex fantasy. I found a pretty sissy slut that wanted to take things further. No matter how much makeup and girly stuff I put on him, he wanted more. He didn’t want guys fucking him in his stinky man pussy. What he wanted was a real pussy to play with and nice big bouncy tits! He had an extreme transformation fantasy that involved me changing him from a pathetic hairy man into a divine female slut. I’m a woman that loves extreme makeovers so naturally I was ready to dial up some doctors for his gender affirmation surgery.

He didn’t want to keep his cock and balls, which I understood completely. He was so small why bother even having a dick. laughs He came to the right place, I love doing sissy sex change transformation phone sex fantasies with a good role-play story. I decided to be the sexy mad scientist that would change him from a dull boring guy into a glamorous sexy vixen. It all started with me strapping him to the table in my laboratory. After that, things got really weird.

I love doing sissy sex change transformation phone sex fantasies with a good role-play story.

I was dressed in a super sexy nurse outfit and he was naked. Naked and strapped to a cold hard table, waiting to trade in some sweaty wrinkled balls for a nice smooth pussy. And I was also ready to make his dreams come true and transform him into the sexiest trans woman alive. I gave him some special pills that would numb the pain but still let him feel things. Then I took out my tools and instruments. Various science fiction type stuff, really advanced technology. You have to pull out all the stops when you’re orchestrating a sissy sex change phone sex transformation.

I attached a giant suction cup over his cock and balls as well as cups on his chest, over his nipples. Next I turned on the cups attached to his chest and smiled as he felt the intense suction. I used a laser wand to rid his body of all the hair. It only took seconds and a quick pass with the wand and he was smooth and soft as any woman ever has been. I gave him a few shots on his face and soon it started to soften and change. His stubble was gone and he had a more delicate face and full pouty lips. His nipples were becoming nipples on a pair of nice big bouncy tits. With my mad scientist genius, he was able to skip the pain of top surgery during his sissy phone sex sex change. I turned off the tit machine once he was a nice D cup. Then I watched as the drugs I gave him started working, his waist was shrinking and his hips were getting wider.

He looked completely smooth between his legs, like a plastic doll.

I turned on the machine attached to his cock and balls and watched as they disappeared, almost like magic. He looked completely smooth between his legs, like a plastic doll. Finally I added a tiny device between his legs that would dive in and create his new vagina. A nice tight cunt that would have a plump juicy clit as well and so wet!

Now that he was a she from head to toe I took her off the table and dressed her up, added makeup and styled her long gorgeous hair. No one would ever think this hot slut was once a dud of a man. It was so exciting! Our first adventure was about to begin. He didn’t want to just be a girl, he wanted to be a really slutty girl who loved to suck and fuck lots of cock. I made him into a her, now it was time to make her into a super slut. His extreme sissy phone sex makeover fantasy was only beginning with a sex change. Now was the time for serious slut training. Call me if you’d like to be transformed into and woman. I’ll even do to you what I had done to her. And I know you’ll LOVE IT!

Feminization Fantasy Phone Sex: Alvin in Wonderland

For as long as I’ve known Alvin, he’s always had a thing for me. Staring at me, blushing, smiling and stuttering, always complimenting my outfits. Even my jewelry and shoes. He was shy and delicate looking and more pretty than handsome. Even before we began feminization fantasy phone sex, he had feminine features. I like rugged guys but Alvin was sweet so I asked him to a Halloween party. He was excited to go of course but when I mentioned that we could pick out costumes together he got really excited. And blushed a lot.

feminization fantasy phone sex

When I made a few costume suggestions I noticed that he got excited with the ideas that involved him dressing as a girl. If he had a phone sex feminization fantasy, then I wanted to see how far it went. How far he would go. As a girl. I couldn’t believe my luck, our first date and it was going to be a femme fetish role-play. How lucky am I!

I picked out a sexy white rabbit costume for myself. It consisted of a white barely there bikini, some fur cuffs and boots and a cute little fluffy tail. Big ears and some sexy makeup that made my skin look pearlescent white. I found a very daring short blue dress with thigh highs, heels, wig and makeup. He looked like the perfect slut, ready to chase my little white rabbit tail down any rabbit hole I wanted him to go. *snickers* I told him as we headed to a big party that for the night “he” would be my girlfriend Allie. 

Allie made a hot girl actually. Certainly hot enough no one would ever guess she was a dude living out a feminization phone sex fantasy.

He was petite and pretty enough that with the wig and makeup, he looked like a she. A pretty hot girl actually. Certainly hot enough no one would ever guess she was a dude living out a feminization phone sex fantasy. We partied, we drank, we smoked, we danced to sexy music. Allie was having a lot of fun being my “girl friend” that I pulled her into a bedroom and pushed her on the bed as I laid next to her and we started making out.

I reached between her legs and rubbed the hard “clitty” through her panties. One of my guy friends slipped in the room and came over to watch us. Allie was drunk and high enough that “she” was all for it. I told my friend to lay down next to us and just join in when I gave him the signal. He could kiss and pet until then. 

I lay facing Allie and rubbed against her, sliding my hand down the front of her panties and playing with her clit. Under her skirt only I could see what was really there. Allie started to squeak and try to cover up so my friend wouldn’t see anything. I just kissed her and told her to hush. My friend was kissing Allies neck and reaching over her to squeeze my tits. I pushed our panties to the side and rubbed Allies clit against mine. Hers was bigger. *wink*

I placed his cock against Allie’s “pussy” and told him to push.

I pushed it inside my tight pussy and then reached over her to grab my friends cock. I told him I would guide him inside my girlfriend. I placed his cock against Allie’s “pussy” and told him to push. He moaned and gasped as he entered Allie’s super tight pussy. Allie squealed and clenched and thrust against my pussy. 

My friend and I were both pressed so tight against Allie that she couldn’t move. I kissed her and whispered she was the perfect girlfriend to have a threesome with. She giggled too but my guy friend missed the joke. He didn’t care, He was enjoying fucking Allie’s super tight pussy so much that he didn’t pay attention to anything else. We all fucked like that until we came, all three of us together. 

I told my guy friend to go after he was done. Allie shuddered and thrust in my again when my friend pulled his cock out of her pussy. Allie never pulled out of my pussy, she just stayed hard, even after cumming, and kept fucking me. I told her that I’d dress her up and take her out for secret three ways anytime she wanted. I said I loved her feminization fantasy phone sex desires and wanted to help her get off with her fetish. When we got back to my place after the party and Allie took off her wig, Alvin stood there in his dress and fell to his knees, kissing my feet, thanking me. Now we play dress up on a regular basis. And only he and I know the truth. 

Total Power Exchange Phone Sex

total power exchange phone sex mind control

I’m the ultimate goddess supreme! You dare not question my powers or my dominance over you, lest you find yourself no longer… yourself. I’ve been known to go to extreme lengths to ensure that my subjects stay subjugated. laughs I’ve also been known to go to extremes like total power exchange phone sex just because I feel like it. For fun. For punishment. For any reason at all.

Take John for instance. Typical douche bag with typical douche bag fantasies. He so wanted to see me in a dog collar kneeling next to his feet like a well trained pet. He told me that I would look best naked and chocking on his cock. Then he asked me how much cum I could swallow. I smiled politely and asked him to come in and sit down and get comfortable. I gave him a cocktail and then sat down and waited.

He leered at me like a gluttonous pig staring at a tasty buffet. I waited for the drug to take effect and watched as he started to pull out his cock and then fell right over, passed out cold. He was going to wake up soon, with a hard on and ready to learn a lesson in manners and extreme mind control total power exchange phone sex.

He started to reach for me but I just snapped my fingers and said “Uh uh uhhh.” laughs

I threw some cold water on him and watched as he snapped awake. He looked confused at first and then furious. Then he was standing naked in front of me and quickly realized something was going on. He started to reach for me but I just snapped my fingers and said “Uh uh uhhh.” laughs His face went slack and his arm fell back to his side.

He stood there passive and calm while I explained that I was a powerful witch and had given him a powerful potion. A potion that gave me total control of his mind and body. In fact, it was extreme mind control that I had over him now. I could make him do anything I wanted, he could love it or hate it, it didn’t matter, he’d still do it.

It was a feast for the eyes and John was about to be the total power exchange fuck puppet star of the show.

I of course was going to make sure that, under my control, he did all kinds of things that he would never normally do. I told him to drop to hands and knees and follow me like a dog. He obediently did as he was told. I took him to my bedroom where the rest of the party was happening. And oh what a party it was. One of my finest orgies yet. Naked bodies entwined everywhere you looked. Groups fucking, watching, playing, touching. It was a feast for the eyes and John was about to be the total power exchange fuck puppet star of the show.

I made everyone stop what they were doing to welcome my new pet. Everyone, men and women, came over to pet him and pat his head. John was very straight so every time a man touched him I could see him tense up. I laughed and told him to enjoy being touched by the men as much as the women. He immediately leaned into the next touch.

Then I told him to start sucking the men. I invited the girls to come up behind him and grab his balls. Inspect his cock and stick their pretty little fingers in his ass. Anything they wanted really. He kept sucking cock and swallowing cum while I let the girls probe and play with his body. I let every one get back to fucking and led him around to each group, making him watch and participate as I wanted.

Hard paddles that clipped his balls. Stinging crops that cut into his skin.

He licked up cum, piss and shit just like a human toilet phone sex outhouse. He fetched dildos and butt plugs and vibrators like a good dog. And when I got bored making him debase himself I took pleasure in spanking him. Hard paddles that clipped his balls. Stinging crops that cut into his skin. Sometimes I let him yell with the pain and other times I forced him to moan and groan like he was getting off.

No matter what I told him to do, he did it. When I let him finally fuck, I made him stick his dick in only the nastiest holes. I made him fuck men, women, pets, objects, random holes. Whatever I felt like. I owned him body mind and soul and nothing was to taboo or extreme for him while he was under my extreme mind control. When the potion started to wear off and he wanted to fight me, I just had the guys hold him down while I climbed on top of him and fucked him. I fucked him and drugged him again and again, making him my ultimate submissive slave over and over. I always let the potion wear off long enough to remind him that he was forever my bitch.

Sissy Slut Phone Sex Feminization

sissy slut phone sex forced feminization

Spring has sprung and I love watching everything change… the metamorphosis the seasons go through. Feminization is the same way you, know and that is exactly why I love sissy slut phone sex. You’re so pretty in your frilly dress. You look like you should be on top of a cupcake. But we both know it’s no cupcake you’ll be on top of tonight! Tonight you’re going to be my sissy slut phone sex whore. I want you dressed in your most girly dress. I love pink so if you have something in pink that would please me. And a slut should always please her Mistress. Spin around for me sissy and show me your goodies.

I want to see your panties pulled tight against your fat clitty. I like my sissies made up from head to toe in the very best during sissy slut phone sex. You should be picture perfect and dressed to impress. It’s so much fun to get you all sticky and dirty and messed up. laughs I won’t be happy until your pretty pink lipstick is smeared all around your mouth. You know how you’re going to mess up your lipstick sweetie? By sucking cock. You can suck my strap on cock, or you can suck a real cock. I’ve always got some submissive laying around waiting to do anything I ask. Just say the word the my sweet sissy phone sex slut, and I’ll order up the most delicious cock you’ve ever seen.

Just say the word the my sweet sissy phone sex slut, and I’ll order up the most delicious cock you’ve ever seen.

Why don’t you start on my strap on and we can move on to the real deal once you master the strap on. I know your clit and pussy are ready for my strap on. And some real cock I’m guessing. Oh yeah, you can’t wait to be a cum dumpster can you? I’ll take you out and show you off, sweet cheeks. You better strut your stuff and work it slut. I want you to get the whole room lined up and waiting to have a turn. A turn with you of course. As to what they will do on their turn, well, I’m pretty much going to say anything and everything.

Cock sucking and pussy pounding to be expected during sissy slut phone sex. You’re just dying to be a forced feminized whore for me, aren’t you? I know what a slut you are and how much you fantasize about wild fuck sessions. I think you’ll look best in a tight pink satin dress. You’ll be on your knees of course, sucking a line of cocks. Actually they will most likely be fucking your face. You don’t have to suck much, just open your mouth really. They’ll fuck it for sure. How many cocks can you stroke while you are getting fucked in the face during sissy slut phone sex? At least two, maybe three if you are crafty.

How many cocks can you stroke while you are getting fucked in the face during sissy slut phone sex?

When you are sticky and your hair is covered in cum I’ll have them strip you down and flip you over. That tight pussy needs to be tapped sweetie. Let’s go all the way during our sissy slut phone sex! You’ll give it all up and do whatever decadent depraved sexual perversions that I want. I’ll think up plenty to keep you busy. We’ll stay up all night as I let one guy after another fuck you. Fuck you and leave you sticky and used, just like the sissy slut you are. Call me sweetie. You know you need it.

Accomplice Phone Sex Abduction

Every now and then I wonder, if I knew then what I know now, would I still call Mistress Janelle? I didn’t know I would end up being pimped out for a sissy accomplice phone sex abduction. After all, all of this is thanks to her. She, more than anyone else, is responsible for what I’ve become. 
I’ve been here, wherever “here” is for several months now, I think. Some days, when the drugs are really strong, and she has me listening to multiple layered audio hypnosis files on headphones while strapped to one of the fuck benches, I forget that I was anything but a perfectly girly sissy slut, born to make cocks hard and then get them off. Born to be an obedient and enthusiastic fuck toy. I had only discovered sissy porn a few months prior to seeing the ad for the website. I had always been fascinated by pantyhose and stockings and sexy lingerie while growing up. When I got out on my own after high school and got myself my own place, I could finally play whenever I wanted without fear of being discovered.

accomplice phone sex abduction

Before Mistress Janelle took control of my life, I sometimes wore makeup, I had one pair of high heels to go along with a couple pairs of shiny tan pantyhose and a pair of classic black fishnet stockings. By the time he grabbed me, Mistress Janelle had transformed me into a nearly full time sissy slut. I wore make up every day. My hair had grown long. She had me get rid of most of my boy clothes. I barely wore them anymore anyway. Sometimes, I think about the last two sissy assignments she sent me on, both at the adult video store where I would meet and then be abducted by the Sissy Breaker during my accomplice phone sex abduction.

No panties, just my clear pink chastity device. I was the perfect accomplice phone sex abduction victim

The second to last time she let me wear sweats over my sissy outfit but, when I got to the booth I had to take them off and make a video of me riding a huge dildo, watching trans porn and sniffing poppers. I was in hot pink lock on four inch spike heels, sexy AF 24 inch waist pink corset, a tight, sheer, pale, purple belly shirt and super shiny Hooter’s girl pantyhose with the crotch cut out. No panties, just my clear pink chastity device. I was the perfect accomplice phone sex abduction victim.

In my lust and excitement to fulfill my task for Mistress Janelle, I must’ve forgotten to lock the door and I must’ve been making a bunch of noise, because after about ten minutes of me furiously riding my eight inch dildo that I had suction cupped to the floor, a big Hispanic man in a cowboy hat was pulling my face to his big, stiff dick and then I was sucking it and the next thing I knew he had, effortlessly, scooped me up and flipped me upside down and was now holding me by my ankles, so that my body was resting against the cushioned bench but my head was hanging over the edge. Then he started face fucking me as his accomplice phone sex captive.

He held me upside down and fucked my slutty throat for the next ten minutes, grunting and calling me “sissy faggot” and “cock slut” and “bitch boy”.

I had no idea at the time but, this was the Sissy Breaker and my phone sex mistress had set him up with a preview of his next victim, me. He held me upside down and fucked my slutty throat for the next ten minutes, grunting and calling me “sissy faggot” and “cock slut” and “bitch boy”. I loved it and my phone recorded it all. When he finally came, he pumped once down my throat, then pulled out and shot all over my face and hair, then he grabbed my sweats and left. At first, I just sat there, stunned, then I jumped back on that dildo and started sniffing those poppers and riding that plastic cock for all it and I was worth! I wanted to cum sooooo badly. So I rode it. 

I had no idea that the next time Mistress Janelle sent me out, I would never return home, instead becoming another one of the lucky sissies snatched and then trained by the Sissy Breaker. Another soon to be obedient pimped out sissy whore. If I knew then what I know now, would I still call Mistress Janelle? Fuck yeah I would. I love that I’m now a captive sissy phone sex whore and I love that mistress had me abducted.

Coerced Bisexual Phone Sex

coerced bisexual phone sex forced bi fag

Many people have coerced bisexual phone sex desires, but not everyone admits to them. It turns me on when you turn down my encouragement. Sometimes people need to be pushed a little. That’s where I come in. I’m good at pushing you to try new things, to open up and explore. Or should I say open up and be explored! You look like you are ready for that during some forced bi phone sex. I love to bring over guys to the other side, more like I like pushing them over line to batting for the other team. laughs

We’ll have some drinks, loosen up and relax and watch some kinky porn. Something with some hot studs that will make your dick twitch. We can make out a little and I’ll tease you. I’ll stroke your cock while I’m kissing you. I’ll set the mood so that when my boyfriend comes home and finds us, you’ll be sitting naked on the couch with your cock in your hand. Kind of hard to get up and leave in that state. Not that you will really want to now will you. I don’t like to mess around or waste time playing games so as soon as he comes in, he’s going to join us on the couch.

After a little while you will succumb to having your holes used as my coerced bisexual phone sex fag.

He’s tall, muscular and has a long thick cock. I’ll kiss you while he takes your cock in his hand and strokes it. You’ll be harder than a rock in seconds. When my boyfriend strips down and you see his big cock jutting out in front of him you’ll be scared. laughs But I love forced bisexual phone sex and your resistance won’t ruin my good time. I’ll hold your head steady and he’ll slide his cock in your mouth. You can remain hesitant about it but not for long.

The more you whimper and struggle during forced bi phone sex, the wetter my pussy gets.

Between the two of us, my boyfriend and I will show you how to suck his cock real good. Good enough that he’s leaking pre cum and ready to pop. He’s not going to cum down your throat though. Not this time. He’s going to flip you over the couch and shove his cock right up your tight ass. No slow working it in kind of thing, this is going straight in, hard and deep. While you are reacting to the feeling of having your ass violated for the first time, I’ll suck your cock and rub my pussy while you squirm. When I feel you about to cum, I’ll make sure and point your cock up at your face. Blow your own load all over your face while my boyfriend goes off in your ass. And then tell me you didn’t fucking love it. laughs

Sissy Baby ABDL Phone Sex Mommy

He was a naughty sissy baby abdl phone sex faggot in a frilly dress and plastic panties. He needed mama to dress him and send him out into the world to be a slut. She was going to humiliate him and best of all, it was all for me. She was putting on a show for me and I loved it. I clapped when mama pushed him out of her room wearing a short pink frilly dress and a baby bonnet. She made him do a twirl so his skirt rose up. That’s when I saw his diapered bottom and plastic panties. Oh my god, he was an adult baby! A diaper lover even! For the first time I would see what adult baby diaper lover phone sex was all about. I couldn’t wait to get started.

sissy baby abdl phone sex mommy

First he had to tell me all about how he loved to wear a diaper. Loved to put on his little bonnet and then get pampered. Not like pampered in a spa but pampered as in, wearing a pair of pampers diapers. giggles A grown man transformed into a goo-goo gah-gah sissy baby ABDL phone sex slut. I told him to wiggle his bottom back and forth so his diaper make a crinkly sound. I called him little crinkle butt and told him to get on his hands and knees and crawl around like a baby with his butt in the air. He was so good at it that mama and I clapped and took pictures. He started to get fussy and mommy said it was time for some yum yuma.

Of course sissy baby ABDL phone sex infant liked that so he crawled over and climbed up in her lap, latching on to her tit and sucking down her milk.

That’s when she pulled up her shirt and squeezed her big titties. Of course sissy baby ABDL phone sex infant liked that so he crawled over and climbed up in her lap, latching on to her tit and sucking down her milk. She held him and rocked him while he suckled her boob. She put her hand between his legs and rubbed against his diaper, making that crinkle sound, this time getting faster and faster. He was making little happy noises and then shuddered and shook on her lap, still sucking her titties the whole time.

She took him off her boob and told him to lay down on the bed for a change. I laughed as he pulled his knees up to his chest and opened his legs. She took off his diaper and then wiped him off with a baby wipe before powdering his bottom. Then she told him she needed to take his “temperature” and he clapped and cooed while she lubed up the large dildo she pulled out. She out a fresh diaper on but this one had a hole over the bottom. Which made sliding that dildo up his ass really easy!

Mommy took baby’s rectal temperature for a long time, sliding it in and twisting it around, making her baby squirm and coo before she finally got him to say goo goo gaga…

Mommy took baby’s rectal temperature for a long time, sliding it in and twisting it around, making her baby squirm and coo before she finally got him to say goo goo gaga just as his “goo” filled up the front of his new diaper. I smiled when she told me that he had to clean up his diapers before she would put any more on him. If he was serious about sissy baby ABDL phone sex, then he would have to put his money where his mouth was.

Or rather, he’d have to lick those cummy diapers clean. He happily did and wanted to be changed over and over again. So mommy showed me how to change him. And I kind really liked it. I can’t wait to play with more adult babies and change your messy diapers. And of course make you mess your new ones over and over. Call and ask for Mommy Carla to have all your taboo adult baby age play fantasies fulfilled.

Sissy Cosplay Phone Sex

sissy cosplay phone sex

I’m in the Wonder Woman outfit again for Mistress Angelique and ready for sissy cosplay phone sex. He fucks me so goddamn hard when I wear this costume. Last time he left me covered in his jizz and just *so* sore. Who am I kidding though? I love being his slutty captive wonder sissy. I fucking love it. I love the way the iconic high heeled boots made my shimmery smooth pantyhose legs look even sexier than usual, the way they make my ass look so juicy and extra fuckable. I love the custom corset/bustier top that cinches my slim sissy waist into sexy sissy girl curves. And I absolutely love the way he fucks me after he gets me all tied up and helpless. When he starts choking me with the “magic lasso” while his cock pummels my sissy pussy, that’s when I usually start squirting my sissy cream everywhere.

We met on Fetlife, through Mistress Angelique. She encouraged me with sissy cosplay phone sex training and I was pretty new to the kink scene, new to online dating at all really. I was an inexperienced but super eager sissy, desperate for the attention of a real life person that knew what a bitch like me needed. The fact that he loved sexy cosplay was a big turn on for me, typical comic book geek. I met him at a hotel room the first few times. I was so nervous but I could hear Mistress Angelique’s voice ringing in my head. “You want to be a good sissy cocksucking fuck bunny don’t you?” And he seemed sane, he was clean and he smelled nice. 

He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut.

He really seemed to like how I looked in pantyhose, leotards and, boots. He made me feel so hot, so sexy. I felt like more than a sissy cosplay phone sex slut. I loved how turned on he was by my body and my costumes. I had no idea how much I was gonna love getting fucked. Well, okay, that’s a lie, I had *some* idea, having recently discovered ass play with ‘realistic’ toys. But oh wow, did it ever feel amazing to be his bound, helpless sissy bitch, and have my little virginal sissy booty pounded for hours at a time.

I think back to the last meeting and shiver. If tonight is…anything like last time, I am in for some serious fun. Last time he had me wear headphones at Mistress Angelique’s instruction, that played layered, looped sissy hypnosis audio files of her voice. Then he tied me, face up, to a weight bench, with my head hanging, unsupported, over the edge. My legs were then put into a most delectable, utterly helpless frog-tie. The ring gag made it pretty clear what kind of treatment I was in for. He then proceeded to throat fuck me, somehow both brutally and tenderly. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess you need to be a sissy to understand. See, I had been practicing on my own with what I thought was a pretty thick eight inch “realistic” dildo. I had made my own eyes water gagging on it while I learned to take it’s entire length but, that did not, at all, prepare me for the sheer savagery of his throat fucking.

“Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!”

Through all my sputtering, slobbering, coughing and choking he would hiss, “Yeah, take it all bitch, take it all wonder whore!” or “Good slut, surrender yourself to my cock wonder slut.” Every now and then he would reach over and rub my cock in through my pantyhose, sending even more electric sensations through my already overstimulated body and I’d forget to breath through my nose and start to choke again and then he’d slap my cock really hard. 

The ring gag, of course, protected him from any of my involuntary jaw clenching due to the slaps. I’m pretty sure that the thing that really broke me for good was when he finally started to come. He grabbed my cock and started to squeeze, super hard, and then also started roughly jacking me off in my hose, while he used the other hand to slap my balls, all the while grunting and pumping cum down my throat. Me just choking and writhing and crying and, finally, orgasming helplessly into his fucking vice grip of a fist. When he finally pulled his cock from my throat, he wiped it all over my face. I wanted more. Needed more. I need him to fuck my sissy pussy, to make me his cosplay fuck bunny cock slave.

Thank you Mistress Angelique. You knew just what I needed, I am so glad I called you.

Lipstick Fetish Phone Sex

Hello to all you freaks and horny men, I’m Mistress Roxie. I’m experienced in all manners of fetishism. In fact, I’m the hottest fetishist around this kinky realm and enjoy a wide variety of fun fetishes, but today we’re going to discuss my red lipstick fetish phone sex. And by the time you’re finished, you’ll be so mesmerized by my vermilion lips that you’ll be willing to do anything to keep your Mistress pleased.
lipstick fetish phone sex

I get such great pleasure in entertaining all manners of fetishes for my slave pets. It truly is delightful bringing a man to his knees just by the shade of my lipstick. I have a variety of colors, even though I enjoy a wide variety of ruby red shades the most. Lipstick fetish phone sex with me, means I’ll allow you to choose which shade will make you weakest, and then I’ll put it on right in front of you.

Watch me in the mirror as I unsheath this golden tube and glide it on my luscious lips because you know you just can’t keep your eyes off me. Maybe I want to reward you with crimson lipstick prints all over your body if you behave in a manner that pleases me. If you do what you’re told, you’re given a reward. It’s the positive reinforcement system used for all proper pet training. You want to be a good lipstick fetish phone sex pet, don’t you?

It’s always kind to tell me about other fetishes you have as well. I want to spin your desires in such a way that has you so completely and utterly addicted to me. I’m a lovely story teller with an extremely pleasant voice… now image that with my perfect Mistress body for you to adore. From leather to medical and more. So come tell me all your deviant desires and some of the sweeter ones, too. I’m a multifaceted fetish Mistress who will definitely take pleasure in owning you.

Sissy Fag Training Phone Sex with BBC

sissy fag training phone sex bbc
What a great weekend. My ex boyfriend called me on Thursday and asked if we could meet up. I told him he had to wear an old pink thong that I left at his place, along with jeans and a small t-shirt. He complained at first, but I told him that would be the only way he would get to see me was with sissy fag training phone sex.

We met at my favorite sushi place. When we got there I purposefully requested we sit at the sushi bar. His panties rode up on him and the whale tail was exposed over his jeans. I loved noticing the looks of other customers when they passed by. Every time someone noticed I would tell him, “There’s another person that knows you’re a sissy.” His discomfort was very hot.

At one point he asked if I would consider fucking him again and I said, “Sure, but I didn’t really tell him what it was more along the lines of sissy fag training phone sex with big black cock. I let him take me back to his place, where he fed me drinks until I was drunk enough to be as mean as I wanted.

I then told him to strip out of his boring man clothing and stand in front of me. He did it, but couldn’t make eye contact with me. I asked him if he was ready to fuck in his panties and he told me he couldn’t get hard like that. So I made him sit next to me on the couch and watch some BBC porn. As we did so, the sight of those huge black dicks made me really horny. “Your cock doesn’t compare to those real man dicks, you know that?” I asked him. He responded slowly that he knew. I had him sit on the fat end of the couch and told him that in his panties he was more woman than man and that because of this, he needed to start masturbating like a sissified girl. He rubbed his cock over the panties for 20 minutes while I told him about the black cocks I had fucked. I even told him about Sean, the black guy I had over while we were dating, and how he had fucked me bareback 20 minutes before my ex had got home on his birthday. He had no idea that he was already my personal sissy fag training phone sex cuckold. I told him that he had 10 minutes to get fully hard watching black cock videos, and if he could, I would fuck him. It was so much fun to watch him struggle. Every time he would look at my body or away from the screen, I would force him to look back at those black cocks. As we’re getting close to the twenty minutes and he was sweating, I told him it was okay. I would fuck him anyway.

He looked so relieved, I felt giddy with excitement.

He started to take his panties off and I was like, “Oh no, that’s not how this relationship works anymore. Get on your back, you fucking pussy.” He almost left but I reminded him how badly he wanted to eat my pussy and suck on my breasts. He laid back on the couch with a huff ready to become my sissy fag training phone sex bitch.

Since you were really always useless, I tell him, “We’re gonna do a new kind of fucking. We’re gonna do something where my happiness doesn’t depend on his ability to stay hard or have any fucking stamina. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy with my cock.” This is the only way he can have any contact with me. I could see he thought about it for a second but then said “Okay” very quietly.

He got on his back and spread his legs. I put two fingers into his mouth and told him to suck on them like they were a cock. As he sucked on my index and middle finger, I told him that this was just the beginning of his forced feminization and cock sucking training. If he wanted to be with me, we were going to start off in this new relationship. He would be my sissy pussy slave and I would be his black cock pimp. And we were starting his training now. With that, I took my 2 fingers out of his mouth and said, “Now beg me to finger you.” He started with a boring, “Please finger me.” Then moved to a “finger my sissy hole,” but I teased him until he finally said, “please stretch out my pussy so I can serve cock for you.” I teased it for a bit until I could feel him bucking his hips, trying to take my fingers inside. As I entered, I asked him if he knew what our next steps were. “Am I going to have to suck cock?” He asked. “Among many other things, yes you are, you horrible slut.” I fingered him for 40 minutes, telling him about the various men I knew in town who would soon be his masters, telling him about their cock sizes and how they fucked me better than he ever did. I held up my phone and showed him Sean’s big, black, uncircumcised dick in some pics and videos we had taken during my ex’s birthday weekend. “I’m going to make you Sean’s girlfriend now. Do you understand?” He was so horny and out of control that he agreed to be a forced sissy fag phone sex bitch boi. “Whore me out to him, please”, my ex begged. He was ready to blow and fucking my finger like it was already a real cock. “Does my little faggot want a release?” I asked him. “Only through anal.” That’s the only way you get to cum now. Do you understand?” He was sweating and bucking his hips up and down on my finger. I was already thinking about the next steps. To be fair, I did touch his cock a little when he was close. He came (not a lot) in big shudders and grinded on my finger. It was buried all the was inside his pussy. With my left hand I caught the jizz spilling out his cock and smeared it all over his face like my personal little facial faggot fuck rag.

“Okay, slave. Fun time is over. Drive home just like that and send me a thank you face time call when you get home. If your not still covered in your drying jizz, don’t call me ever again.”

“Yes, daddy,” he said, hurriedly adjusting his panties and running out the door. I knew he would call when he got home.