Total Power Exchange Phone Sex

total power exchange phone sex mind control

I’m the ultimate goddess supreme! You dare not question my powers or my dominance over you, lest you find yourself no longer… yourself. I’ve been known to go to extreme lengths to ensure that my subjects stay subjugated. laughs I’ve also been known to go to extremes like total power exchange phone sex just because I feel like it. For fun. For punishment. For any reason at all.

Take John for instance. Typical douche bag with typical douche bag fantasies. He so wanted to see me in a dog collar kneeling next to his feet like a well trained pet. He told me that I would look best naked and chocking on his cock. Then he asked me how much cum I could swallow. I smiled politely and asked him to come in and sit down and get comfortable. I gave him a cocktail and then sat down and waited.

He leered at me like a gluttonous pig staring at a tasty buffet. I waited for the drug to take effect and watched as he started to pull out his cock and then fell right over, passed out cold. He was going to wake up soon, with a hard on and ready to learn a lesson in manners and extreme mind control total power exchange phone sex.

He started to reach for me but I just snapped my fingers and said “Uh uh uhhh.” laughs

I threw some cold water on him and watched as he snapped awake. He looked confused at first and then furious. Then he was standing naked in front of me and quickly realized something was going on. He started to reach for me but I just snapped my fingers and said “Uh uh uhhh.” laughs His face went slack and his arm fell back to his side.

He stood there passive and calm while I explained that I was a powerful witch and had given him a powerful potion. A potion that gave me total control of his mind and body. In fact, it was extreme mind control that I had over him now. I could make him do anything I wanted, he could love it or hate it, it didn’t matter, he’d still do it.

It was a feast for the eyes and John was about to be the total power exchange fuck puppet star of the show.

I of course was going to make sure that, under my control, he did all kinds of things that he would never normally do. I told him to drop to hands and knees and follow me like a dog. He obediently did as he was told. I took him to my bedroom where the rest of the party was happening. And oh what a party it was. One of my finest orgies yet. Naked bodies entwined everywhere you looked. Groups fucking, watching, playing, touching. It was a feast for the eyes and John was about to be the total power exchange fuck puppet star of the show.

I made everyone stop what they were doing to welcome my new pet. Everyone, men and women, came over to pet him and pat his head. John was very straight so every time a man touched him I could see him tense up. I laughed and told him to enjoy being touched by the men as much as the women. He immediately leaned into the next touch.

Then I told him to start sucking the men. I invited the girls to come up behind him and grab his balls. Inspect his cock and stick their pretty little fingers in his ass. Anything they wanted really. He kept sucking cock and swallowing cum while I let the girls probe and play with his body. I let every one get back to fucking and led him around to each group, making him watch and participate as I wanted.

Hard paddles that clipped his balls. Stinging crops that cut into his skin.

He licked up cum, piss and shit just like a human toilet phone sex outhouse. He fetched dildos and butt plugs and vibrators like a good dog. And when I got bored making him debase himself I took pleasure in spanking him. Hard paddles that clipped his balls. Stinging crops that cut into his skin. Sometimes I let him yell with the pain and other times I forced him to moan and groan like he was getting off.

No matter what I told him to do, he did it. When I let him finally fuck, I made him stick his dick in only the nastiest holes. I made him fuck men, women, pets, objects, random holes. Whatever I felt like. I owned him body mind and soul and nothing was to taboo or extreme for him while he was under my extreme mind control. When the potion started to wear off and he wanted to fight me, I just had the guys hold him down while I climbed on top of him and fucked him. I fucked him and drugged him again and again, making him my ultimate submissive slave over and over. I always let the potion wear off long enough to remind him that he was forever my bitch.

Accomplice Phone Sex Abduction

Every now and then I wonder, if I knew then what I know now, would I still call Mistress Janelle? I didn’t know I would end up being pimped out for a sissy accomplice phone sex abduction. After all, all of this is thanks to her. She, more than anyone else, is responsible for what I’ve become. 
I’ve been here, wherever “here” is for several months now, I think. Some days, when the drugs are really strong, and she has me listening to multiple layered audio hypnosis files on headphones while strapped to one of the fuck benches, I forget that I was anything but a perfectly girly sissy slut, born to make cocks hard and then get them off. Born to be an obedient and enthusiastic fuck toy. I had only discovered sissy porn a few months prior to seeing the ad for the website. I had always been fascinated by pantyhose and stockings and sexy lingerie while growing up. When I got out on my own after high school and got myself my own place, I could finally play whenever I wanted without fear of being discovered.

accomplice phone sex abduction

Before Mistress Janelle took control of my life, I sometimes wore makeup, I had one pair of high heels to go along with a couple pairs of shiny tan pantyhose and a pair of classic black fishnet stockings. By the time he grabbed me, Mistress Janelle had transformed me into a nearly full time sissy slut. I wore make up every day. My hair had grown long. She had me get rid of most of my boy clothes. I barely wore them anymore anyway. Sometimes, I think about the last two sissy assignments she sent me on, both at the adult video store where I would meet and then be abducted by the Sissy Breaker during my accomplice phone sex abduction.

No panties, just my clear pink chastity device. I was the perfect accomplice phone sex abduction victim

The second to last time she let me wear sweats over my sissy outfit but, when I got to the booth I had to take them off and make a video of me riding a huge dildo, watching trans porn and sniffing poppers. I was in hot pink lock on four inch spike heels, sexy AF 24 inch waist pink corset, a tight, sheer, pale, purple belly shirt and super shiny Hooter’s girl pantyhose with the crotch cut out. No panties, just my clear pink chastity device. I was the perfect accomplice phone sex abduction victim.

In my lust and excitement to fulfill my task for Mistress Janelle, I must’ve forgotten to lock the door and I must’ve been making a bunch of noise, because after about ten minutes of me furiously riding my eight inch dildo that I had suction cupped to the floor, a big Hispanic man in a cowboy hat was pulling my face to his big, stiff dick and then I was sucking it and the next thing I knew he had, effortlessly, scooped me up and flipped me upside down and was now holding me by my ankles, so that my body was resting against the cushioned bench but my head was hanging over the edge. Then he started face fucking me as his accomplice phone sex captive.

He held me upside down and fucked my slutty throat for the next ten minutes, grunting and calling me “sissy faggot” and “cock slut” and “bitch boy”.

I had no idea at the time but, this was the Sissy Breaker and my phone sex mistress had set him up with a preview of his next victim, me. He held me upside down and fucked my slutty throat for the next ten minutes, grunting and calling me “sissy faggot” and “cock slut” and “bitch boy”. I loved it and my phone recorded it all. When he finally came, he pumped once down my throat, then pulled out and shot all over my face and hair, then he grabbed my sweats and left. At first, I just sat there, stunned, then I jumped back on that dildo and started sniffing those poppers and riding that plastic cock for all it and I was worth! I wanted to cum sooooo badly. So I rode it. 

I had no idea that the next time Mistress Janelle sent me out, I would never return home, instead becoming another one of the lucky sissies snatched and then trained by the Sissy Breaker. Another soon to be obedient pimped out sissy whore. If I knew then what I know now, would I still call Mistress Janelle? Fuck yeah I would. I love that I’m now a captive sissy phone sex whore and I love that mistress had me abducted.

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex Party

forced intoxication party

We all know when you let loose and decide to party on the weekend, or the extended weekend you’ll need some extra nasty, fetish driven, taboo talk surrounding your forced intoxication phone sex domination fantasies. I’m just the mean Queen to give it to you…. So go ahead, imbibe, inhale, sniff, snort, rip – whatever it may be, you’re about to buy the ticket and I’m about to take the ride with you.

I love taking advantage of you and pushing you to go further than you’ve gone before. What sort of fucked up fantasies do you have in mind? What sort of party favors are we playing with? I’m wondering what your poison is, fuck toy? Something that’s going to make you go pop, the gay juice, the fucked up party drugs that truly make your most darkest of desires blossom into full-blown fetishes.

Party favors, porn, me, and taboo forced intoxication phone sex are what you need. Let’s make sure to get this fuck fest going in the right direction. So let me be clear: party, queue up the porn I tell you to, and then dial my number. Allow Mistress Janelle to take control a/nd you into my forced intoxication phone sex fuck puppet. If I am not available check out the other forced intoxication phone sex mistresses on the available page.

It’s quite simple really, because you know you want to go all the way down that rabbit hole you’re currently spiraling down, but you need supervision. I’m the one to provide that sweet supervision and guide you to absolute ecstasy.

Male Degradation Phone Sex

I’m a vicious bitch with a mouth like a chainsaw. I’ll cut all you dumb mother fuckers down with male degradation phone sex. I’m most likely  the meanest, terrorizing, Hellish female you’ve ever met. Let’s be honest, I’m absolutely a man-hater. You’re all horny garbage bins that have limited uses. It’s important that you make me laugh. Denying that you’re a humiliation whore when you’re talking to me means you have a death wish.

male degradation phone sex

So come pay me to be mean to you. You know it makes your cock stiff. I’m a challenging, wild, alpha female that will tell you exactly like it is. That you’re a pathetic loser who needs to pay for male degradation phone sex. All I have to do is tell you the truth and that’s easy for me. It comes naturally to a woman like me. Stomping all over pathetic little losers who can’t keep from masturbating their useless cocks excites me.

It’s a wonder women even keep men around. I think if we all banded together and shipped all the men off to some sort of factory farm where we only used them for their sperm. That’s it, attach them all to some sperm milking machine. Play them porn, treat them poorly, and slaughter them when their nut becomes weak. Men make fine slaves for male degradation phone sex, but that’s about it.

Verbally abusing you and using you with male degradation phone sex is the only way a short dicked wimp like you could ever please me. Might as well accept it and start pulling on your tiny pud while I laugh. You’re just a played out joke, so call me and tell me your weaknesses so that I may find some amusement with the inferior sex. I can even feign like I’m enjoying myself if that’s your deal. I know I’m not interested in men other than for humiliation and male degradation phone sex, so I’ll put you to work as my personal little emotional abuse slut. That’s my favorite kind of pain slut.

Oh please, I’ll never allow to you fuck me, so stop drooling over my divine cunt.

Succubus Phone Sex Mistress

If you’ve been dreaming of me, there’s no need to wonder why. I love slipping into your mind and conquering it. Sweet but sinister whispers that tantalize you in the most wicked of ways. If you’ve ever wondered if succubi were real, now’s your chance to find out with succubus phone sex.
Succubus Phone Sex
I’m the kind of cruel temperamental Mistress who enjoys seducing and exploiting the weaknesses of lesser humans. I’m talking about men here. Although, I am quite bisexual and enjoy feeding off of luscious ladies. No one is exempt from my seductive torment. So what exactly is succubus phone sex? Well, you know that succubi are demons in an extremely seductive female form that prey on men. Especially in their dreams. Or as I like to call it, giving you a wet nightmare.
Even when we speak, you’ll often wonder if you’re dreaming… or if you’re even really awake. It’s like a hypnotic state that you can’t escape. Over time you’ll have less and less desire to leave my grasp as well. I enjoy hearing about your fantasies and convincing you to confess all of your filthy secrets to me. You need a demonic seductress to tempt you. To tease you. To please you in ways no other woman has. You’ll want to, too. If not, I’ll climb on into your mind while you’re sleeping and pluck out all the tasty tidbits so that I may feast.
I’ll always want more with succubus phone sex. You should know that by now. My appetite is insatiable. I’ll want your absolute and utter devotion until I’m using you as my personal fuck puppet. Spoil me with acts of servitude, buy me material items, and beguile me with monetary tributes. Feed me your lust and you’ll feel more fulfilled. That is why you’re wandering around aimlessly, a succubus phone sex Mistress just needs to siphon your soul. To give you purpose.
You’re new meaning to life, is feeding a deviant dark demon. I’ll drag you all the way down kicking and screaming if I have to, just so I can stand atop of  you. Like some far away land I’ve just conquered. “To what end?” You’ll plead.

I’ll answer it for you, weakling. Until I have everything. Until your demise. Until your ruination.

Until I’ve stomped on your heart, drained your bank account, and left you an empty husk of a human.

Succubus phone sex is the sweetest torment. You’ll find me addicting, enticing, and so very wicked.
Don’t be too frightened, weakling. Your cock will be hard the whole time and it will be the sweetest, exhilarating, ride all the way down to total domination and ruin. You’ll feel excited and tormented the whole time I’m using and abusing you.