Male Degradation Phone Sex

I’m a vicious bitch with a mouth like a chainsaw. I’ll cut all you dumb mother fuckers down with male degradation phone sex. I’m most likely  the meanest, terrorizing, Hellish female you’ve ever met. Let’s be honest, I’m absolutely a man-hater. You’re all horny garbage bins that have limited uses. It’s important that you make me laugh. Denying that you’re a humiliation whore when you’re talking to me means you have a death wish.

male degradation phone sex

So come pay me to be mean to you. You know it makes your cock stiff. I’m a challenging, wild, alpha female that will tell you exactly like it is. That you’re a pathetic loser who needs to pay for male degradation phone sex. All I have to do is tell you the truth and that’s easy for me. It comes naturally to a woman like me. Stomping all over pathetic little losers who can’t keep from masturbating their useless cocks excites me.

It’s a wonder women even keep men around. I think if we all banded together and shipped all the men off to some sort of factory farm where we only used them for their sperm. That’s it, attach them all to some sperm milking machine. Play them porn, treat them poorly, and slaughter them when their nut becomes weak. Men make fine slaves for male degradation phone sex, but that’s about it.

Verbally abusing you and using you with male degradation phone sex is the only way a short dicked wimp like you could ever please me. Might as well accept it and start pulling on your tiny pud while I laugh. You’re just a played out joke, so call me and tell me your weaknesses so that I may find some amusement with the inferior sex. I can even feign like I’m enjoying myself if that’s your deal. I know I’m not interested in men other than for humiliation and male degradation phone sex, so I’ll put you to work as my personal little emotional abuse slut. That’s my favorite kind of pain slut.

Oh please, I’ll never allow to you fuck me, so stop drooling over my divine cunt.

Succubus Phone Sex Mistress

If you’ve been dreaming of me, there’s no need to wonder why. I love slipping into your mind and conquering it. Sweet but sinister whispers that tantalize you in the most wicked of ways. If you’ve ever wondered if succubi were real, now’s your chance to find out with succubus phone sex.
Succubus Phone Sex
I’m the kind of cruel temperamental Mistress who enjoys seducing and exploiting the weaknesses of lesser humans. I’m talking about men here. Although, I am quite bisexual and enjoy feeding off of luscious ladies. No one is exempt from my seductive torment. So what exactly is succubus phone sex? Well, you know that succubi are demons in an extremely seductive female form that prey on men. Especially in their dreams. Or as I like to call it, giving you a wet nightmare.
Even when we speak, you’ll often wonder if you’re dreaming… or if you’re even really awake. It’s like a hypnotic state that you can’t escape. Over time you’ll have less and less desire to leave my grasp as well. I enjoy hearing about your fantasies and convincing you to confess all of your filthy secrets to me. You need a demonic seductress to tempt you. To tease you. To please you in ways no other woman has. You’ll want to, too. If not, I’ll climb on into your mind while you’re sleeping and pluck out all the tasty tidbits so that I may feast.
I’ll always want more with succubus phone sex. You should know that by now. My appetite is insatiable. I’ll want your absolute and utter devotion until I’m using you as my personal fuck puppet. Spoil me with acts of servitude, buy me material items, and beguile me with monetary tributes. Feed me your lust and you’ll feel more fulfilled. That is why you’re wandering around aimlessly, a succubus phone sex Mistress just needs to siphon your soul. To give you purpose.
You’re new meaning to life, is feeding a deviant dark demon. I’ll drag you all the way down kicking and screaming if I have to, just so I can stand atop of  you. Like some far away land I’ve just conquered. “To what end?” You’ll plead.

I’ll answer it for you, weakling. Until I have everything. Until your demise. Until your ruination.

Until I’ve stomped on your heart, drained your bank account, and left you an empty husk of a human.

Succubus phone sex is the sweetest torment. You’ll find me addicting, enticing, and so very wicked.
Don’t be too frightened, weakling. Your cock will be hard the whole time and it will be the sweetest, exhilarating, ride all the way down to total domination and ruin. You’ll feel excited and tormented the whole time I’m using and abusing you.