Vampire Phone Sex with Immortal Janelle

When you’re calling an open-minded professional like me, you really can let your imagination and desires wander all kinds of places. You an even have vampire phone sex if you like. You’ll never know what kind of hidden needs you have, and what kind of incredible pleasure is possible, until you really open yourself up to the possibilities. The fantasies you share with me don’t need to be within the boundaries of what you think is “normal.” They don’t even need to be within the boundaries of what you believe is possible.

humiliation phone sex blonde goddess

Have your fantasies been going somewhere dark? Somewhere … supernatural? Have you been yearning for the embrace of a woman with a little more bite? Perhaps some vampire phone sex? Oh, but you’re afraid, I get it. There are all these awful horrible stories about the ones you’re curious about, the people who stalk the night, the undying, the ones with the really sharp teeth and the very specific thirst. You’re afraid of vampire phone sex, and I understand. I won’t rush you. We’ll take it nice and slow. We’ll sit somewhere dark and comfortable, one of my long, pale arms draped over your shoulder, and I’ll let you relax into it. The feeling of my long, sharp nails – and you’ve never felt a woman’s nails this sharp, I promise you – slowly scratching your thigh under the fabric of your pants, dragging them up your chest, scratching almost too hard against your soft neck. I can feel your ache. I can smell your need, and your fear.

The allure of vampire phone sex is too powerful to resist.

I’ll let you kiss me. You’ve never kissed anything like me. I can feel your tongue testing my teeth, but I don’t mind because I know you’re curious. You can’t help being curious. You can’t actually help anything that’s happened since our eyes met. It was all utterly inevitable. I’m just taking my time, because – can I let you in on a secret? I know I can – you’ll taste better to me during vampire phone sex if you’re not terrified. And I intend to enjoy myself. What’s the point of being like me if I’m not having any fun? I know there’s a part of your brain telling you to run while you can. The same part of your brain that’s always looking for a leopard in the bush, because it recognizes me for what I really am. But your eyes are glued to mine, and your imagination is drowning in my big, inviting smile, and that little voice of caution is getting quieter and quieter. You can’t help yourself. You can’t listen anymore. You’re ready.

My teeth are so sharp it doesn’t even hurt, baby. My grip on you is so strong, you relax because you finally realize there was never any chance of fighting me off, so there’s no point in trying to resist. Your neck is aching in the best way as the most irresistible creature you’ve ever met drains the most precious part of you, drop by drop. You’re mine, now. My dinner, if I want all your blood right now, my plaything if I want to keep you around.

But some part of you still thinks like a man, and I know everything you’re thinking. Here you are, being more intimate than you’ve ever imagined with a gorgeous woman. You’re greedy in your own way, and your little mind has some very predictable patterns. So when I suggest that we could have even more fun if we were both completely undressed, you’ll be drooling to say yes. Maybe somewhere in the world there’s a man with the will to decline a vampire’s offer to fuck, but you ain’t him.

Well I have another surprise for you, pet, and it’s this lovely toy I’m strapping around my hips. Oh, did you think it was going the other way? Are you really that conceited? There’s no backing out now. I could snap your neck with one hand, so where do you think you’re squirming off to? We agreed that we were going to fuck, and this is the way I want it: my new pet, face down, ass up, spreading his tender little hole for my big plastic cock with pegging phone sex. I don’t care what you think you’ve got between your legs, did you really think a mere human has what it takes to properly fuck a vampire? Get real. Remember at the end of the night you’re just another piece of meat.